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Rob Gronkowski and Richard Sherman Talk About Stuff While Eating Jerky

The NFL stars recently teamed up for a commercial shoot with Oberto Beef Jerky.

Earlier this year, we brought you news that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had teamed up with New England's Rob Gronkowski for a commercial shoot with Oberto. Well, on Thursday, the sausage company released a digital series featuring the NFL stars talking about stuff while eating beef jerky.

In the short videos, which are embedded for you in this post, Sherman and Gronk are seen sitting in a garage relaxing in snuggies, playing with Etch A Sketches, watering a Chiapet, and more.

"I'm not taking myself too seriously," Sherman said of his endorsement deal in a recent interview with the Associated Press. "I do things the way I think is right."

On working with the entertaining and at times unpredictable Patriots tight end, Sherman said, "I do a great job of countering back and riding the wave. He does a great job of making the wave." took note of Sherman and Gronk's on-screen bromance and subjected both players to a "Compatibility Test" in an attempt to determine their true chemistry. Highlights from the site's Q&A session are laid out below: 

Better dancer: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: Me. I'm all about dancing. I've never really seen Sherm pull off his moves.

Sherm: Gronk has the moves, no doubt. There are a few clips out there of me getting after it, but Gronk literally has a party bus where all he does is invite people on to watch him dance. I've got to give him that.

The verdict: Perfect match.

Best QB in the NFL?

Gronk: Tom Brady. He just is. But Russell [Wilson's] a great quarterback, a franchise QB. Gotta give him credit.

Sherm: Touchdown Tom. Wasn't Kobe [Bryant] the best player in the NBA with his five rings? Tom's got four rings. He gets the nod because of that.

The verdict: Perfect match.

Most likely to get married first: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: I'd say Sherm. I think he's engaged, so he wins by default. I have no clue when I'm getting married. I just go with the flow.

Sherm: I'm engaged, so, me. But even if I wasn't engaged, it would still be me. It seems like marriage is not something that he's in line to do.

The verdict: Perfect match.

If you had to be stranded on a remote island with Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick, who'd you rather be stuck with?

Gronk: My coach, the winningest coach in the NFL. If we're just chilling on an island, he might as well put me through drills. What else would be going on?

Sherm: Pete! He'd keep the whole experience fun and keep me optimistic. He'd probably convince me that we're going to get rescued the next day for a hundred straight days. Coach Belichick, on the other hand, would probably make me build a ship to get us home, and he'd be the captain, and he probably would get us home, but I don't think I'd have much fun doing it.

The verdict: Split decision.

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