Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner Go One-on-One in Game of Basketball, Sort Of

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker Bobby Wagner enjoyed a friendly competition before the start of Tuesday's training camp practice.

Ahead of Tuesday's training camp practice at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, the Seahawks' final summer workout open to fans, Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner were caught on camera engaging in a friendly competition along the shores of Lake Washington.

The Seahawks shutdown cornerback and Pro Bowl middle linebacker got involved in an impromptu game of hoops - without a basketball - as they worked their way onto the practice field.

Wagner, who stands 6-foot and weighs 245 pounds, started by posting up on the taller but slimmer Sherman, who checks in at 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds. Wagner looked to get a shot off over Sherman, and by Sherman's on-air account it was a miss, as he grabbed the rebound and faux-dribbled back to the top of an imaginary key before working his way into a step-back jumper with Wagner's fist in his chest. Then, on Wagner's ensuing possession, he took a page out of the cornerback's playbook, hitting Sherman with a step-back jumper of his own, and creating separation with a push off move that Sherman tried to sell as an offensive foul to whatever referee might be watching as he tumbled to the ground.

After practice, when the one-on-one competition with Wagner came up, Sherman was asked to compare his NFL game to an NBA player.

"Tony Allen," Sherman said, referring to the three-time NBA All Defensive First Team selection. "My offensive game leaves something to be desired, but defensively I'm right on you. I'm there every day.

"Bobby, we play one-on-one at my house, and you're going to interview him at one point and he's going to tell you he won. There was an offensive foul that was committed. The ref didn't call it. But I should've won that game. Obviously, the records will say otherwise." 

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