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Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner Crush Objects While Riding a Tank

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker Bobby Wagner took part in a fun appearance at PAX West.

Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner have a history of going head-to-head in a bit of friendly video game competition, but the two Seahawks Pro Bowlers and defensive teammates found themselves on the same side during a recent promotional appearance for the mobile game World of Tanks Blitz.

The Seattle cornerback and linebacker attended PAX West together this past weekend, where the pair rode a Panzer III tank with a 12 flag attached to the back and proceeded to crush a variety of objects, including a drum set, toilet, and football helmets of the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots. 

Asked about the adventure, both players said crushing the toilet was a special experience. You can check out what went down in the YouTube video embedded above. 

"The toilets were my favorite thing," said Sherman. "Because you could just hear the crackle under the weight of the tank. It's kind of crazy, man. I think the only thing that survived was the manual."

Added Wagner: "Out of everything it made the most noise. ... It was fun. Operating a tank and being on a tank was just fun, man. It was a good experience, and I got to do it with Sherm, so it was cool."

Free safety Earl Thomas, meanwhile, an avid gamer in his own right, also attended PAX West, topping Wagner in a couple games of Madden 17.

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