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Proposed Rule Changes To Be Voted On At NFL Annual Meetings

NFL owners will vote on proposed rule changes for the 2018 season at next week's annual league meetings.

The NFL will have its annual league meetings in Orlando next week, and one of the big topics at that event every year is the voting on of proposed rule changes. This year, owners will discuss 10 potential rule changes, including the proposal to change the standard for a catch.

You can find all the proposed changes here. In addition to the catch rule, owners will also vote on two different proposals that would make some penalties reviewable, as well a change in the enforcement of defensive pass interference, making it a 15-yard penalty instead of a spot foul, a topic Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about at the NFL scouting combine earlier this offseason.  

"It would change a little bit, but right now guys are trying to not interfere," Carroll said. "They're working like crazy to not interfere; that's not going to change, that part of it will be the same. There may be some grabbing when you really get beat bad at times. You'd want to use that like we did in college. We talk about that—if you're really beat bad, grab the guy. It's 15 yards, like an out route as opposed to a deep ball. So there's some thought about that. We'll see what happens."

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