Pete Carroll Thinks Steph Curry's New Shoes Are "Really Awesome"

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll weighs in on NBA MVP Steph Curry's new shoes.

Social media was quick to roast Steph Curry's signature shoe that was released late last week, dubbing the all-white kicks more appropriate for nurses, teachers, senior citizens and more as opposed to a two-time NBA MVP. Curry, though, thinks they're straight fire, and he looks to have at least one supporter in Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

"Hey what's the fuss, I think these are some really awesome shoes... Great work @StephenCurry30!" Carroll tweeted Monday afternoon.

Carroll, of course, has been wearing his all-white Nike Monarch IVs on the Seattle sideline for years, so with Curry releasing such a similar-looking shoe the Seahawks head coach was bound to be a fan. Plus there's the fact that Carroll is 64 years old and both a father and a grandfather as well, adding to the internet's humor that Curry's shoes are tailor-made for the elderly.

In staying true to his "Always Compete" philosophy, Carroll wants to know, "Which shoes are better??" The new 'Steph Curry 2's' or his 'classic Air Monarchs.' Be sure to let him know what you think by casting a vote in the Twitter poll below.

Update (June 14, 1:45 p.m. PT): The results of the Seahawks head coach's Twitter poll are in. With 34,926 ballots cast, Carroll's 'Air Monarchs' took home 71 percent of the vote.

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