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Pete Carroll Shares First Impressions Of 2018 NFL Draft Class

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll offered thoughts on each of Seattle's 2018 NFL Draft picks following the first day of Rookie Minicamp.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll offered thoughts on each of Seattle's 2018 NFL Draft picks following the first day of Rookie Minicamp.

On RB Rashaad Penny, San Diego State: "Rashaad came out very comfortable. We moved him around a lot just to see things that he could do, just to start gathering information – a little bit in the running game but more in the passing game just to see what we could see."

On DE Rasheem Green, USC: "Rasheem Green looked like he's been coached for a long time. As a matter of fact, his coach, Kenechi Udeze, who had been with us and is an old Trojan and all that, has done a terrific job with him. You can just see his awareness and just his feel for things showed up already – using his hands and timing and some stuff that he did was good."

On TE Will Dissly, Washington: "Will Dissly looked very comfortable. Very bright kid, obviously, could pick stuff up right away but probably looked better in the passing game than we expected. We saw him catch the ball well but he just looked really clean running routes and all so that was great."

On LB Shaquem Griffin, UCF: "Quem looked very aggressive. We had to slow him down some early on in the practice and in the walk through, he was going too hard. So we had to chill him out a little bit. But he's very excited about being here. He's a very good looking prospect. He's big and fast and had a good feel for what's going on. Obviously, Shaq (Shaquill Griffin) had done a little bit of tutoring – he was ahead of us a little bit with his learning, which was good."

On CB Tre Flowers, Oklahoma State: "Tre Flowers – this is one that I'm really excited about. We spotted a player that we thought had special qualities that could be a corner. He's played safety basically his whole life. I think he's been a 3 ½ year starter at Ok. State and I really liked the way he played there, but because he's so tall and because he's so agile and he's a good tackler and a good all around player, I think we've got a chance to have a really nice prospect. Next to BB (Brandon Browner), this is probably the tallest guy we've coached (at CB), so it'll be fun to work with him."

On P Michael Dickson, Texas: "Well we had a little competition at the end of practice. I don't know if you guys got a chance to see that. The competition was really not for the catchers. It was a chance to see the punter kick the football, and see how he would do with a bunch of guys watching, try to put some heat on him, and he banged the ball pretty good today. There was a lot of good stuff to draw from."

On T Jamarco Jones, Ohio State: "We're pleased to see – we had heard that he had had a little tweak in preparation – but he was able to do the work today and jumped right in at left tackle where he's familiar. We'll move him a little, in time, just to see the flexibility that he has. He's a good ballplayer and everything looked great for the first time out. We're a million miles away from knowing what a lineman can do when we're in this kind of camp, but it's a good start."

On DE Jacob Martin, Temple: "Jacob is a really agile football player. He's got some flexibility. We're playing him at the Leo spot right now to see how he looks there. He's been a rusher primarily. He's got linebacker skills – really good speed, really good agility. So we'll see what that means down the road here. But that's a good sign just that there's some flexibility where we can play him. He look like he can play the SAM backer spot as well. But we really like him at the start to see him coming off the edge. His chase and his motor is really special so we'll see how that fits with us."

On QB Alex McGough, Florida International: ""Probably the surprise of the day was Alex. I thought Alex did a very nice job. He showed really good arm strength. We know that he's very mobile. He showed a lot of mobility out of him – he got chased a lot last year on film so we know that he can move around and make things happen. But he had really good arm strength and he threw the ball really accurately today for his first time out. Get him under center was a little change for him but he had an impressive first day so we're pleased to see that."

Photos from the first day of the Seattle Seahawks 2018 Rookie Minicamp on Friday, May 4 at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.