Pete Carroll's Game-Worn Monarch's Amount $1,000 For 'A Better Seattle'

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll auctioned off a signed pair of game-worn Nike Monarch IVs this past week, with the winning bid netting $1,000 for his 'A Better Seattle' initiative.

Remember those game-worn Nike Monarch IVs Pete Carroll put up for auction last week? Well, they sold for $1,000 to one passionate fan.

The funds from Carroll's pair of signed signature shoes will go to the Seahawks head coach's 'A Better Seattle' initiative, which works to reduce and prevent youth and gang violence in the greater Seattle area through the deployment of professionally trained street outreach workers in South King County.

But just because Carroll sold off one set of his kicks, don't expect him to ditch the rest of his preferred on-field attire. Carroll said he plans to continue "rocking the Monarchs" this season, even after a bit of friendly pressure from Seattle's equipment staff that tried to get him to upgrade to a more modern look.

"I'm rocking the Monarchs," Carroll said. "I gave it a shot. I tried to give it a shot."

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