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Pete Carroll Provides Updates On Jadeveon Clowney, Jarran Reed & Other Injured Seahawks

Pete Carroll gave updates Monday on a handful of players who either missed Sunday’s win over the Eagles or who were injured in that game.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll met with the media on Monday, and in addition to discussing what he called "a really good win" over the Eagles, one that featured another dominant defensive performance, Carroll also gave a number of injury updates, both on players who missed Sunday's game due to injury, and who left the game with injuries.  

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney

Clowney flew ahead of the team to Philadelphia to see a specialist and get treatment on an injury Carroll said was related to a sports hernia. The injury kept Clowney from playing, but will not require surgery, Carroll said. Asked if Clowney had a sports hernia, Carroll said, "It's related to that, the sports hernia stuff, and that's what he was treated for. So we'll see how the treatment took hold. He feels pretty good today. I haven't talked to him directly, but he has passed along that he's looking forward to playing this week.

Asked about the timing of Clowney's treatment, Carroll said, "Often that injury is hard to tell. Is it a hip flexor, is it a groin? It's always been that case. After you eliminate all the different things it could be, it generally comes back to the sports hernia thing. We've been watching this for years with different guys, so it just took a while to realize he was going to at least get looked at by the specialist. We did that, and they tried to treat it in hopes they can quiet it down."

Defensive tackle Jarran Reed

Reed left the game early with an ankle injury, and his status likely won't be known until late in the week.   

"He's got a sprained ankle, and we'll have to wait and see how it's going to hold him back or if he's going to be able to make it through," Carroll said. "We don't know that yet. It's the same ankle that was sprained before, he just re-did it. So we'll really go a couple of days, then we'll check him out probably about Friday and see how he's doing."

Fullback Nick Bellore

Bellore, who is also one of Seattle's top special teams players, left the game with a quadriceps injury that was not as bad as initially feared, Carroll said: "It's not as bad as we thought, but he's got a quad strain, and we're going to have to wait and see what that means. He's going to have to make some progress to make it back this week, because it's legit, but it's just not as severe as we thought it was."

Tight end Jacob Hollister

Hollister was slow to get up after a hard hit that bent him backwards early in the game, but he was still able to make it through the game, though he had a sore foot as the result of the play.

"He's sore," Carroll said. "His foot's sore after the hit. That was a nasty play right there for him. Jake has been a stud, now. He has taken a lot of hits, he has delivered a lot of them. Man, he's playing good ball. He's just doing such a good job, I'm so fired up for Jake. Talk about a great pickup, that was a great pickup for us. He is coming through in a big way, and he's still contributing in a big way on special teams too. I'm really excited about that."

Tight end Luke Willson

Willson missed Sunday's game with a hamstring injury, but is hoping to make it back this week.

"Luke's not counting himself out of this one," Carroll said. "He's got another week, he thinks he's going to make it. We won't challenge him until late in the week to see where it is, but in pregame yesterday he looked pretty darn quick. He was running around and showing off that he wanted to play yesterday. He's a rare guy, now. Over the years he has overcome stuff he should never have played with."

Receiver Tyler Lockett

Lockett, who was hospitalized with a leg contusion following Seattle's Week 10 win over the 49ers, made it back to play on Sunday, but Carroll acknowledged that his team's top receiver wasn't quite back to full speed.

"He feels better today," Carroll said. "I didn't see him at top speed. As much as we'd like to think that he was, I didn't see him able to get there. He didn't have a very productive week, he had to really wait out the week. It was a screwed up weekend and all of that. With the long week this week, he's going to be flying."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 12 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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