Pete Carroll: "I'm Rocking The Monarchs"

After a brief trial period with a new pair of Nikes, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he'll be sticking with his tried and true Nike Monarch IVs.

One key non-football takeaway from this past weekend's rookie minicamp stemmed from Pete Carroll's on-field attire.

Last week, the Seahawks head coach tweeted that the team's equipment staff was trying to get him in a new pair of Nikes, hoping Carroll would switch it up from his classic 'Air Paternos' - the Nike Monarch IV - to a more modern look, the Nike Free Train Versatility.

Carroll asked for 12s' thoughts on the subject, so we created a poll on that same article page, and more than 2,400 of you responded to the question, 'Which kicks should Pete Carroll rock?" An overwhelming majority wanted to see Carroll in the new kicks, which garnered 74 percent of the vote.

But according to a Monday morning interview on 710 ESPN Seattle, and as evidenced on the field at rookie camp the past three days, Carroll plans to stick with his tried and true shoes.

"I'm rocking the Monarchs," Carroll said. "I gave it a shot. I tried to give it a shot."

And in case you were wondering what size shoe Carroll wears, coach added, "These are quadruple E's. It doesn't matter how long they are, they've got to be really wide."


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