PEP Talk with Tony Ventrella: Coach Takes A Breather

Coach Mike Holmgren met with a full house of local media.

When most of us take a vacation we don't need to alert the media but that's the life of a head coach in the National Football League.

Coach Mike Holmgren met with a full house of local media Tuesday afternoon in Kirkland on the eve of his annual end of season vacation.

"Kathy and I will take off for a few days and talk about the future," said Holmgren, dressed in a casual black shirt and brown slacks.

For nearly an hour the coach spoke about the 2007 season, its good points and bad and what needs to be fixed before the 2008 schedule get under way. He admitted to being a little frustrated and disappointed that the running game didn't produce more success but also pointed out the success of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, the passing game and the defense.

Near the end of the hour Holmgren was asked whether another option for his future existed besides coming back for one more year or not coming back at all.  He admitted to being surprised by the question then offered that the possibility of a contract extension would be a third option. Nothing more was discussed on the topic.

Former NFL and UW quarterback Hugh Millen asked Holmgren if part of his decision to stay or leave was based on his desire to become a General Manager in the NFL as he was when he first came to Seattle in 1999.  Holmgren said only that he made some mistakes as a combination GM and coach here and would not make those same mistakes again.

I've covered sports in Seattle since 1981 and can honestly say I've never met a more intelligent, well spoken, straight shooting coach than Holmgren.  He answers all reporters questions with patience and respect, never has a negative word to say about an individual and cleverly side steps difficult issues while still offering a reply.

The Seahawks have had the most successful run in their history with Mike Holmgren as their head coach.  I for one would love to see him return for at least one more season. With a few good draft picks and a couple free agent acquisitions the 2008 Seahawks can get over the hump and back to the Super Bowl.

That's my vision and I'm happy to share it with you.

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