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On This Date: The First Memorable 48 In Franchise History

A look at a couple of memorable moments in Seahawks history that occurred on June 17


Washington state voters pass Referendum 48 that approves funds for a new stadium for the Seahawks, a move necessary for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to complete his purchase of the franchise from Ken Behring. The Referendum got 51.1 percent of the votes (820,354) statewide, including 56.4 percent (275,358) in King County. In February 2014, the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII (that's 48, for the Roman-numerically challenged).


The nickname "Seahawks" is selected for Seattle's NFL team that will begin playing in the 1976 season. "Seahawks" was selected from 20,365 entries, which **included 1,741 different names**.

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