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Offseason Injury Updates On Jamal Adams, Jordyn Brooks & Other Seahawks

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll provided some injury updates from the NFL scouting combine.


INDIANAPOLIS—While the immediate focus at the NFL scouting combine is the upcoming draft, hearing from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also meant a chance to get some updates on a few key players who are recovering from injuries, including defensive standout Jordyn Brooks and Jamal Adams.

Brooks, who tore is ACL late in the season, is "doing really well," Carroll said, though he didn't put a specific timeline on Brooks' recovery.

"He's doing really well," Carroll said. "The process is happening, the whole rehab process, but it's going to be a while. A healthy young kid, he's going to be able bounce back as fast as you can come back, and he's a hard worker and pushes himself and all of that. But you've got to just hope for a smooth process along the way so there's no setbacks."

Carroll acknowledged that not all ACL recoveries are the same, with some players coming back as quickly as sixth months and other taking nine months or longer, but said, "all the indications are going really well so far."

On safety Jamal Adams, who suffered a quadriceps tendon injury in Week 1, Carroll said, "He's making his progress. He's doing his stuff. We'll see him in the next week or so in person, so we're anxious to get connected with him. But when he came out and visited with our guys and checked in, everything was going the way it was supposed to go. This is a difficult recovery. We went through this with Jimmy (Graham), so we've been through it before. It's really intricate, they've got to do a really good job. Again, it's always that you've got to avoid the setbacks. So long as we can do that, he should be on schedule to get back."

Carroll said tight end Will Dissly is recovering from what he called a "rare injury" involving a bone on the outside of his knee. When the season ended Carroll said they needed to wait to see if Dissly would need surgery or not, and as of now it's looking like he will avoid surgery.

"He's doing really well and making progress," Carroll said. "There was a time here when we were relooking to determine whether we need surgery or whether he would recover without it, and it seems that he's able to do that, so that would be a real positive.

"He damaged a bone on the outside of his knee. It's really a rare injury that we haven't seen before, so that's why it took some time to figure out how he was going to return. It naturally seemed to heal well."

Asked if Dissly will be ready for training camp, Carroll said, "I think so. I think he will be, yeah."

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