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NFL Clubs Chirp at One Another in Bird-Themed Tweets

The Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, and Cardinals had a bit of fun on social media after Seattle shared video of eagles flying over the team's practice on Tuesday.

Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, and Cardinals, oh my.

The short video our digital media staff shot of eagles flying over Virginia Mason Athletic Center's practice fields at Tuesday's OTA hatched quite the social media conversation between the official Twitter accounts of a few feathered NFL clubs.

The Seahawks' initial tweet showcasing the stunning fliers spawned a response from Philadelphia, and well, just take a look:

Then, Atlanta decided to chirp in:

And to loosely quote Edgar Allan Poe, in there stepped the stately Ravens of the saintly days of yore:

Even the Panthers tried to get in on the high-flying fun:

But for now, the bird-themed back-and-forth appears to have come to rest like the end of a Russell Wilson press conference:

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