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Monday Round-Up: Seahawks TE Ed Dickson Joins 710 ESPN Seattle

New Seahawks tight end Ed Dickson talked about his decision to sign with Seattle on 710 ESPN.

Take a look back at photos of Ed Dickson's first eight seasons in the NFL as he signs a free-agent deal with the Seattle Seahawks.

Good afternoon, 12s.

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today — Monday, March 26 — about your Seattle Seahawks:

Ed Dickson On 710 ESPN Seattle

New Seahawks tight end Ed Dickson was a guest on "Brock and Salk" this morning on 710 ESPN Seattle to talk about why he picked the Seahawks in free agency and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On why he picked to play for Seattle:

"I've always been a fan of the organization and what the team has put out over the last eight years of my career. I played this team a few times — a couple times with Baltimore, then when I went to North Carolina (the Carolina Panthers) to battle a couple of times with the Seahawks. I respect the team and under Pete Carroll they did a lot of great things. On top of that, I've been a fan of Russell Wilson and the product he's put out with that offense. There's no bad things that led me from coming to Seattle and being a part of what they're building and I want to be a part of that."

On what he thought of the Seahawks as an opponent:

"The way they played as a cohesive unit, I was a fan of it. And I've been around some great defenses in Baltimore and even Carolina ... I know some of the pieces are missing now, but to have some of that veteran leadership and play together like that, that can win you multiple championships. I had the choice of going to a lot of different teams but you don't want to go to a team that's completely broken down and rebuilding like you're there just for the fun of it. I felt like we can compete for a title in Seattle and a couple of more pieces will get us back to where we were a few years ago."

On his role in a running game:

"I'm a blocker first, I pride myself (on that). When I came out of college they were saying I was a pass-catcher, don't get me wrong, I love to be a pass-catcher and do that, but I consider myself an all-around tight end, I'm not afraid to stick my nose in there and block for my running backs or even Russell (Wilson). If I had to explain myself as a tight end, I would much rather see my teammates shine, my running backs, my receivers shine, than my own self. I've never been a personal stats guy. Do I want to make the Pro Bowl? Sure. But I'd much rather have a Super Bowl than a Pro Bowl any day."

Social Post Of The Day

Today's "Social Post of the Day" comes from Seahawks defensive end Marcus Smith, who re-signed with the team last week:

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