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Meet The Seahawks 2019 NFL Draft Class

Seattle entered the week with just four picks, but the Seahawks made a series of moves that allowed the club to come away with 11 new players in the 2019 NFL Draft.


The Seahawks entered draft week with just four picks, but through a series of trades ahead of and throughout the annual selection process, Seattle came away with 11 new players.

Below, take a look at the team's 2019 NFL Draft class, coupled with links to content surrounding each draft pick that you might have missed.

Round 1, No. 29 Overall: DE L.J. Collier, TCU

Collier: "I'm a hard-nosed, physical guy. I play every down, I'm not just a pass rusher, I'm an all-around player. That's what I bring to the game. I get off the ball and go 110% every time."

Twitter: @ljcollier91

Instagram: ljcollier4

Round 2, No. 47 Overall: SS Marquise Blair, Utah
Round 2, No. 64 Overall: WR DK Metcalf, Ole Miss
Round 3, No. 88 Overall: LB Cody Barton, Utah

Barton: "I'm just excited to go there and compete with the team and compete during camp and just learn as much as I can. I'm honored for this opportunity and I'm very grateful."

Round 4, No. 120 Overall: WR Gary Jennings, West Virginia

Jennings: "I have great hands, I have great speed and I'm a playmaker. When a play needs to be made at the end of the game, or in crucial situations, I'm the guy to go to."

Twitter: gman12

Instagram: gman12

Round 4, No. 124 Overall: G Phil Haynes, Wake Forest

Haynes: "I'm a physical guy who loves to run block. I'm also a decent pass blocker. I think that's why I got picked by the Seahawks because they love to run and I can definitely help out there."

Twitter: @PhilHaynes95

Instagram: philhaynes

Round 4, No. 132 Overall: FS Ugo Amadi, Oregon

Amadi: "I can go out and get the ball back to our offense. That's my strength. I can get the ball back. I'm very instinctive; quick and fast. I know how to play the deep ball. I'm your all-around DB."

Twitter: @UAmadi7

Instagram: uamadi7

Round 5, No. 142 Overall: LB Ben Burr-Kirven, Washington

Burr-Kirven: "I know I'm a guy who's hopefully going to be a core special teamer for them and go down and do the dirty work, cover kicks, block, all that kind of stuff. That's probably where it starts, and hopefully I earn the trust and get a chance to show what I can do on defense too."

Twitter: @benbk25

Instagram: benbk25

Round 6, No. 209 Overall: DT Demarcus Christmas, Florida State

Homer: "I like to be very physical. I like to be very physical but I also like to cut on them and use moves if I have the opportunity. I think that my physicality sets that up down the road as the game goes on."

Twitter: @travishomer4

Instagram: travis.homer

Round 6, No. 209 Overall: DT Demarcus Christmas, Florida State
Round 7, No. 236 Overall: WR John Ursua, Hawaii

Ursua: "I love Coach Pete, I love their staff. It's just such an honor that they would do that for me--trade one of next year's picks for me. It was a huge blessing for me."

Twitter: @johnursua5

Instagram: johnursua

Seahawks DT Byron Murphy II celebrated being drafted in the 1st round on April 25, 2024.

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