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Marshawn Lynch Crushes A Kickball At Fam 1st Family Foundation Community BBQ

The Seahawks running back hosted a weekend of charity events in his hometown.

This past weekend, you may have seen video of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch booting a kickball into oblivion. If not, the short segment that quickly went viral is embedded for your viewing pleasure above.

What you might not have seen, or known, was that Lynch's 'Beast Mode' efforts on the kickball diamond were just a small part of a weekend full of festivities Lynch and his cousin Josh Johnson - a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals - put on in their hometown of Oakland, Calif. for their Fam 1st Family Foundation.

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch hosted his ninth annual Fam 1st Family football camp, a day of free on-field instruction for Bay-Area youth at Oakland Technical High School - Lynch's alma mater.

Together, Lynch and Johnson have made a point of mentoring underprivileged Bay Area youth on the importance of "education, literacy and self-esteem." On top of enjoying a game of kickball with local kids, Lynch and Johnson put on a talent show, entertained a bowling night, and hosted their ninth annual free football camp.

Our resident digital media reporter John Boyle was on site at Oakland Tech - Lynch's and Johnson's high school alma mater - and tweeted a few photos (see below) from the pair's free youth camp. Enjoy the images below and check later this week for a more extensive story from Boyle on Lynch's Oakland efforts.

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