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Marquise Blair's Fractured Kneecap & Other Seahawks Injury Updates From Pete Carroll On 710 ESPN Seattle

Injury updates from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s weekly appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle. 


Seahawks safety Marquise Blair left Monday's game with a knee injury that head coach Pete Carroll called "significant" following the game.

A day later, Carroll gave a little more information on Blair during his weekly appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle.

"He had a patella injury so that his kneecap got fractured, so he's going to have to get that cleaned up," Carroll said on the Mike Salk Show.

Generally getting something "cleaned up" is a euphemism for surgery, so between that and Carroll's use of the word significant a day earlier, it would seem likely that Blair will miss a significant amount of time. The injury is a tough blow for Blair, who last season tore his ACL in Week 2 following a standout training camp that saw him win the nickel defensive back job.

Carroll also said he's expecting to get two players back who missed Monday's game due to injury, defensive end Darrell Taylor (neck) and guard Damien Lewis (shoulder).

"They were so close this week that both those guys should make it back," Carroll said. "It's a bit of a short week, but I'm counting on both of those guys to make it. I'll be surprised if they don't."


It's more than just a game.

It's showing up to work on Monday hoarse from screaming.

It's waking up early on Sunday to hike Mailbox Peak.

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