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LS Drew Ferris, Former Seahawks Receiver Alex Bannister, Sea Gals and Blitz Take Part at NFL Play 60 Canada Event in Vancouver

Seahawks current and past, Sea Gals and Blitz the Seahawk took part in an NFL Play 60 Canada event on Thursday.

Despite rainy conditions, a good time was had as Seahawks long snapper Drew Ferris, Blitz the Seahawk, former Seahawks receiver Alex Bannister and Sea Gals Mhkeeba, Jalanda, Jessica and Monica traveled to Vancouver B.C. for an NFL Play 60 Canada event at Andy Livingstone Park.

"Today's event was awesome," Ferris said. "It was great to get outdoors with the kids, run around, do some football drills, get kids moving. That's what Play 60 is all about, is 60 minutes of play time and the kids were interacting and having a fun time out here today. Vancouver is a great city, it's beautiful out here. A little rainy today, it's really green it reminds me of Seattle. 

"Getting off the couch, getting out there, having fun, giving 100% effort, that's what I was preaching to a lot of these kids. Win or lose, go out there and give it your all, give it your best we're out here together."

Also participating in the event in addition to the Seahawks contingent was history-making coach Jen Welter, who became the first female coach in the NFL when she helped coach inside linebackers for the Arizona Cardinals during training camp last season.

"As an athlete, as a coach, sports has been always part of my life, to be able to come to Canada and just to encourage kids to get up and play at least 60 minutes a day has been such a gift," Welter said. "It's been so much fun to see the role of football and how it can be integrated into getting people fit. Across Canada, they're really building their football culture, and so to have all the NFL teams out really taking part of it, I think it's a priceless experience and it'll elevate them in a lot of ways. I think the NFL teams that came out and got involved are going to have some very awesome Canadian fans as well." 

Seahawks long snapper Drew Ferris, alumni Alex Bannister, mascot Blitz, the Sea Gals, and Dr. Jen Welter participated in a Play 60 youth camp with 12s in Canada on Wednesday, July 7.

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