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Look who's coming to Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks & New England Patriots

A closer look at three traveling 12s who made it to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - The 12s are out in full force for Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots. caught up with three of them prior to kickoff, including one Seattle faithful donning a stylish Seahawks beret, the president of the Emerald City's famous 'Ezell's' chicken, and a pair of brothers with their beards painted Seahawks blue and green.


Randy Heagle

Age: 52

Accompanied By: His "lovely wife" Marla, buddy Greg, buddy Randy and his wife Irene

Fan Since: "Since they started."

Favorite All-Time Seahawk: "That is really a tough one. I've got to say I just think Russell Wilson is the classiest. I think Marshawn Lynch is the baddest. It's hard to say. I'll go with those."

Favorite Current Seahawk: "Wilson or Lynch."

Favorite Moment From Last Year's Super Bowl: "Two. First is the safety, the opening play couldn't have been better. And then [Percy] Harvin's [kickoff] return [for a touchdown]. Harvin's return - that's when you knew that they [the Denver Broncos] were done."

Favorite Moment In Franchise History Besides Last Year's Super Bowl: "Two weeks ago. The miracle. The onside kick, the two-point conversion, everything," he said of Seattle's 28-22 overtime win in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

Prediction For Super Bowl XLIX: "It's going to be 30-21, Seahawks"


Lewis Rudd

Age: "You want me to tell my age? I don't mind, I turn 60 next month."

From: Seattle

Accompanied By: "I've got several friends out here, but I traveled by myself today."

Fan Since: "The Kingdome days, back in the 80s."

Favorite All-Time Seahawk: "You going to put me on the spot? I'm going to say Jacob Green. I have a relationship with Jacob that spans 20 years-plus. I do catering out of Seattle, I have a restaurant back there and Jacob is one of the guys that got us catering for the team years ago. Have you heard of Ezell's chicken? I'm one of the founders."


Photos of the pregame comings and goings of Super Bowl 49 in Gelndale, AZ.

Favorite Current Seahawk**: "I've got a couple of them. Right now I'm going to say Russell Wilson is my favorite Seahawk. I like what he stands for. One, his level of faith is unwavering and it's legitimate. He exemplifies, in my opinion, what good Christian faith should be about. He lives it, he walks the walk, he talks the talk. Aside from that, I mean against all odds he just kept believing in who he was and his abilities in spite of what others might have said in giving him a chance. I just love his confidence. Plus, he's done a lot for the Seahawks team to bring the level of excitement and energy and entertainment and international attention to Seattle, man. It's awesome. It's just awesome."

Favorite Moment From Last Year's Super Bowl: "That Kam Chancellor hit [on Broncos tight end Demaryius Thomas], man. He's an awesome guy, too. He's a good guy."

Favorite Moment In Franchise History Besides Last Year's Super Bowl: "The [NFC Championship] game against the [San Francisco] 49ers where [Richard] Sherman tipped the ball. That, to me, was it."

Prediction For Super Bowl XLIX: "Seahawks W, Patriots L."


James Allen

Age: 40

Accompanied By: Shane Allen, his brother.

From: Seattle

Fan Since: "How long have the Seahawks been around? We moved to Seattle in 1981 or 82, my parents grew up in Seattle, so we've pretty much been Seahawks fans as long as we know."

Favorite All-Time Seahawk: Steve Largent. "I grew up watching him."

Favorite Current Seahawk: "Russell Wilson or Lynch. It's hard, but it's between those two."

Favorite Moment From Last Year's Super Bowl: "There's so many. I'd have to say winning it. It took us so long to win it. Forever."

Favorite Moment In Franchise History Besides The Super Bowl: "I remember one time, I can't remember who they were playing, but there was an interception and Steve Largent totally laid this guy out that intercepted it. One of the greatest hits I've seen in my life. For me, that was awesome."

Prediction For Super Bowl XLIX: "Seahawks. It's either going to be tight or a blowout. I'll say 27-21."


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