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Lets Get Ready for Auditions!

Interested in becoming a part of the 2015 Sea Gals squad? Director Sherri Thompson gives insight for making the squad.


The Sea Gals are looking for the total package; dance, appearance, showmanship, entertainment. A Sea Gal should be a talented dancer with energy and enthusiasm, while it is also important to be professional both on and off the stage/field.


All styles of dance are required. Taking classes in technique, turns, and leaps will be beneficial. Be sure to work on flexibility having good splits and high pointed kicks. The one minute free style is to see if you can dance and if you have a look that would be an asset to the team. Do whatever style of dance is best for you; hip hop, jazz, or a mix of both, and just a reminder drill team is not dance.


We are looking for beautiful women who are in great shape and at a high fitness level. Leading up to auditions you will want to work out on a regular basis, eat healthy, get fit! Consultation on hair and makeup is advisable. Sea Gals are requested to have a classy put together look but not trendy (not too much makeup or dramatic hair colors or style). You need to cover tattoos at all times and have no extra piercings other than ear.


A dancer must also be an entertainer. Work on projection and a smile that makes your audience smile back at you. Speaking with poise and confidence is a must, practice it. I would even suggest you video yourself and watch it to critique yourself.


A Sea Gal must put in many hours of mandatory practice which is serious business and expectations are high. We learn a lot of dances and we spend hours critiquing and cleaning in the attempt to reach perfection. Also, please be sure to read the rules (link is on the audition page) and make sure you able to follow them.


Practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:30 or 10:30pm at the VMAC in Renton. The first meeting will most likely be the week of May 18th and then we continue on from there all the way through the Super Bowl. We do take off the week of July 4th.


The most common surprise for new people on the team is the seriousness of being a Sea Gal. The rules are serious rules and not meant to be taken lightly. The practices are professional and down to business. It is more than dance; it is poise and confidence in making public appearances, it is working with youth, it is fitness, modeling, speaking and being a strong athlete. This is not for everyone and it will change your life - in a very positive way if you put in 100%. It is a ton of work and a ton of fun!

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