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John Carlson Blog: John Carlson Reflects on the Seahawks 29-26 Win Over the Bears

John Carlson talks about the recent victory of the Bears.

First and foremost it was nice to win our first game at Qwest Field. It was exciting just to be there.

Obviously, the game wasn't perfect, but it helps to win. Personally, I had three penalties and that's unacceptable under any circumstance. I have to look at the film today, learn from it and move on. That's never happened to me before (three penalties in one game) and hopefully it will never happen again.

I need to be more patient on the line. There's a lot of communicating going on down there among all of us. There's noise and there's excitement as well. And I just need to be more patient with everything I do. I just wait until the right time to get off the ball. It's pretty simple, and it's my job to execute.

When they raised the 12 flag before the game, I got chills. I didn't expect to react that way. It was incredible just to be there. I can't wait to experience a regular season game on a Sunday afternoon. (Qwest Field) is just an amazing place, and the fans respond to it and us.

Notre Dame is a special place and they have special traditions. This place is different. The Seahawks have their own place and traditions - it's distinct. It's unique. For me, these are all new traditions to experience, and this is all part of what I'm going through right now.

It was nice to have some down time on Sunday to relax and decompress. I got to spend some time with the family and let down. To be honest, I just sat at home on my couch all day and enjoyed just being there.

The last six months have been new experiences continually. I have to be alert at all times. Coming here to VMAC today, obviously these facilities are first class and we couldn't ask for anything better. But it's all about practice and focus. As coach (Mike Holmgren) said), this facility isn't going to win us any games. We have to prepare the same way and execute on the field. It's up to us to practice hard and practice well.

Today was different too. Evidently, there was some weather outside, some thunder, lightning and rain. But this indoor facility is beautiful too. We're fortunate to have it and it's up to us as players to take advantage of what we have.

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