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Jimmy Fallon Plays Seahawks' Superlatives Segment on The Tonight Show

The video Seattle players made in response to Jimmy Fallon's most-recent NFL superlatives segment made its way onto the late-night host's talk show.

The Seahawks' superlatives segment directed at Jimmy Fallon that was shot earlier this week has made its way to the late-night host's television show.

Fallon, who in advance of every Sunday Night Football matchup on NBC dishes out yearbook-style awards to NFL players based on how they look in their team headshots, aired parts of the Seahawks' video last night, one night after a segment Fallon aimed at Seattle and Arizona, teams that meet at CenturyLink Field this weekend.

"Earlier today, the Seahawks turned the tables on me," says Fallon. "They tweeted out their own video of them giving me some superlatives and I've got to say it's pretty funny. Watch out for the Marshawn Lynch cameo. He makes a cameo at the end, a very subtle cameo at the end."

Lynch's admittedly not-so-subtle cameo comes after appearances by Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, defensive end Michael Bennett, right guard J.R. Sweezy, and quarterback Russell Wilson, each of whom take lighthearted jabs at Fallon after being subjects of the show's entertainment over the years.

"That was great," Fallon says. "Thank you for the great video, hopefully my jokes give you the edge you need to win this weekend. So thank you to the Seattle Seahawks for being such good sports."

The short clip from Fallon's Friday night show is embedded for you above and the Seahawks' full superlatives video is embedded for you below.

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