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International Flavors at CenturyLink Field: Pho Cyclo

CenturyLink Field is continually looking at ways to enhance the fan experience, and Pho Cyclo is one of them.

CenturyLink Field is continually looking at ways to enhance the fan experience at CenturyLink Field and one of those ways is offering fans quality food choices. One of these options is Pho Cyclo, the Vietnamese restaurant that has grown into four locations in the Seattle area over the last several years, including the super busy restaurant just a couple blocks from the stadium.

CenturyLink Field has worked with Pho Cyclo owner Taylor Hoang for two seasons. At their stands, they offer two fan favorites: Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) and fresh spring rolls, which both happen to be huge food trends in Seattle and around the world.

"The partnership is so great," Hoang says of being part of the food offerings at CenturyLink Field. "It not only brings in more ethnic and international foods to the stadium, but it also helps bring visibility to restaurants in and around the stadium."

Besides being delicious, the food Pho Cyclo offers at the stadium is also healthier than you might expect for a stadium offering. And this isn't an accident, says Hoang. "Vietnamese food is supposed to be light, fresh, and big on veggies. You're not supposed to feel bogged down!" The lemongrass pork banh mi sandwiches and shrimp or tofu spring rolls have been big hits since arriving at the sandwiches, and fans in the suites even have access to the spring rolls on their menus.

As for how they picked the items, this is on list for something Pho Cyclo would want to offer fans in the future. But in the meantime, sandwiches and spring rolls are convenient, popular options that represent the restaurant and are easy for fans to hold onto while cheering up a storm.

As for the Pho Cyclo philosophy, the 14-year-old business falls right in line with the philosophy at CenturyLink: serving the best food they can to people who feel like family.

"We serve authentic, fresh, homemade type Vietnamese cuisine, introducing new flavors to the general market. And we do it in a way that is both an enjoyable experience for them and their family, and at a price point where they don't feel like they're putting a hole in their wallet," Hoang explains. "We have customers in SODO who come almost every day, and that tells us that they appreciate it and love it."

Show Pho Cyclo how much you love them the next time you come to CenturyLink Field for a game! 

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