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Injury Updates From The Seahawks' Preseason Finale In Green Bay

Injury updates from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll following Saturday’s preseason loss to the Packers.


GREEN BAY, Wisc.—The Seahawks wrapped up preseason play Saturday with a 19-15 loss to the Green Bay Packers, and saw a few players leave the game early due to injuries.

Linebacker Devin Bush suffered a concussion in the third quarter while making a hard hit in punt coverage.

"He got a concussion," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "He looks like he was in a boxing match. He's got a little something over his eye."

Two other players left the game with shoulder injuries, safety Joey Blount and outside linebacker Derick Hall.

Carroll said they won't know the severity of either shoulder injury until more tests are done, but added, "We won't know until we get it looked at, but both of them got like AC sprain kind of things, that kind of situation."

Blount provided several big plays before the injury, and also was flagged for taunting for imitating the Aaron Rodgers "Discount Double Check" celebration near the Packers sideline after a pass breakup.

"It kind of cracked me up to tell you the truth," Carroll said before adding, "It was a terrible thought at that time… He was active, he was doing real well. Unfortunately, he got banged up."

Carroll also provided positive updates on a couple of players who were not on the field Saturday. Linebacker Jordyn Brooks, who tore his ACL in Week 17 last season, practiced last week and is on track to be ready for the opener.

"I'd be shocked if he's not playing," Carroll said. "I'd be shocked, because he just looks great. He has been running around, he's been practicing normal, he'll get all this week and all next week. I'll be shocked if he's not ready, but if he isn't, we're not going to play him. If he's not ready to go and we're not confident that he has been able to show everything he can do, and he feels that as well, we're not going to force that at all. But he just looks so good that I'd be surprised if he's not ready to go."

Carroll said rookie receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba is in good spirits and eyeing a quick return after having surgery earlier in the week on a fracture wrist.

"He came back to the building and he was playing with the football, he was talking like he's OK," Carroll said. "His attitude was great. So, where they might say, 'Oh it's going to be 10 days or something,' he's not going for that. He wants to get going and get running and all of that, so we'll see how that works out. He's the kind of kid we're going to have to hold back probably more than anything. I was really pleased about it. Upon his departure, he was talking the same way: 'Whatever this is, I'm going to be OK, don't worry about it.' He came back even more forthright in that regard. So it was really good."

Fellow first-round pick Devon Witherspoon stayed back in Seattle to work with athletic trainers, and could return to walkthroughs on Tuesday, Carroll said.

"He's at home too trying to get a great weekend in," Carroll said. "… He's flying, he's going, but there's a lot more to it than that. It's the conditioning level that he can maintain with the workload of practices and all, we've got to figure that out."

The 12s traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin to cheer on the Seahawks for their final preseason game of the 2023 season. Presented by TCL.

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