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ICYMI: The Seattle Seahawks 2015 NFL Draft Class

A pick-by-pick look at the Seattle Seahawks' 2015 NFL Draft class.

TE Jimmy Graham (via pre-draft trade with New Orleans Saints)

Carroll: "He is as special as a tight end can get. He is big, he is fast, and he is athletic as a guy can be. What I am counting on is him complementing the guys and making everybody better. I think we will hopefully be able to add to his game - he is planning on that - and he is going to help us, help Doug [Baldwin]. He is going to help the running game, and the running game is going to help him. There is a lot of stuff that is going to work together here, and I think it is a big, big positive for us."

With #Pick63 the #SeahawksDraft DE Frank Clark from Michigan. #NFLDraft

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DE Frank Clark, Michigan (No. 63 overall)

Clark: "I have been through a lot, and I am overwhelmed with joy and it feels so surreal. It hasn't even sunk in yet. It's an honor for a team of the caliber like the Seahawks to have so much faith in a kid like me."

WR Tyler Lockett, Kansas State (No. 69 overall)

Lockett: "They told me that I was their number one return guy they were looking at in the draft, and that they want me to be able to come in and compete - compete at special teams, compete at receiver - and that's what I have been doing my entire life. When I get that opportunity to compete, I am going to do that."

T Terry Poole, San Diego State (No. 130 overall)

Poole: "I am big-time excited. It's a great organization right there. My whole family is excited. I've been watching Tom Cable since he was with the Raiders. I grew up a Raider fan, I watched how he coached, and he is a hell of an O-line coach. I'm just ready to put on for the Seahawks, for my city."

G Mark Glowinski, West Virginia (No. 134 overall)

Glowinski: "I went on a visit and they were really impressed with me. I just had a gut feeling toward the end of that round, the way it was going, that they were going to pick me up. I'm excited right now. I just can't explain it."

CB Tye Smith, Towson (No. 170 overall)

Smith: "I feel that going through this experience, all it takes is one team to believe in you and for me to come in and remain humble and keep working hard and learn from the best. The sky's the limit if I do that."

DE Obum Gwacham, Oregon State (No. 209 overall)

Gwacham: "I'm looking to come in with a fresh notebook to learn as much as I can as soon as I can. I want to do anything possible to help this team win, whether that's contributing on special teams, contributing as a role player, whatever it is. I want to do my part to help this team win. Watching them come so close to winning the Super Bowl last year, I'm sure that's got to hurt and I know a lot of the guys on the team are hungry and thirsty to get back on the field and prove that they deserve to be world champs."

G Kristjan Sokoli, Buffalo (No. 214 overall)

Sokoli: "I'm extremely appreciative. To me, it's about making myself proud, but also about making my inner family proud and also all of the Albanians proud. We have so many hard-working, hard-boned Albanians that have gone through so much, and they didn't get to accomplish as much because the opportunities simply weren't there. For me to come to America and to be blessed with this opportunity, I have so much drive and push to really do it not just for my family and for myself, but for my whole Albanian nation."

SS Ryan Murphy, Oregon State (No. 248 overall)

Murphy: "I've been getting calls left and right, so I haven't called him [Marshawn Lynch] yet, but I'm very close with Marshawn. He's a big cousin to me, family. During high school and college, he took care of me in terms of finding places for me to work out. I've even stayed at his house a little bit when I was 16 years old, in high school still."

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