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How The Seahawks Can Clinch A Playoff Berth In Week 15

Playoff-clinching scenarios for the Seahawks heading into their Week 15 game at Carolina.


The Seahawks missed out on a chance to clinch a playoff berth last weekend due to a loss in Los Angeles, but they have another chance to clinch their eighth trip to the postseason in 10 years under head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

To clinch a playoff berth this weekend, the Seahawks need one of the following scenarios to play out in Week 15:

1. Seahawks win and Rams loss or tie.
2. Seahawks win and Vikings loss.
3. Seahawks win and Packers loss and Vikings tie.
4. Seahawks tie and Rams loss.

Around the rest of the NFC, New Orleans has already clinched the NFC South, while Green Bay and San Francisco also have opportunities to clinch playoff berths.

Of course, the Seahawks have bigger goals than just making the postseason. While you'll never hear Carroll look ahead before a season and talk about Super Bowls, he cites winning the NFC West, and the home playoff game or games that comes with that, as a goal every season. And despite Sunday's loss to the Rams that dropped Seattle into second place, a game behind the 49ers, the Seahawks still control their destiny in the division because if they win out, they would win a tiebreaker with San Francisco should both teams finish 13-3.

"This whole season is in the next few weeks here," Carroll said. "It starts with us going to Carolina. Regardless of what would've happened last night, we had to do the exact same thing we have to do this week, and the next week, and the next week. We're fortunate to be in that position. We're not waiting on anybody else. We've kind of been in this situation before and we've gotten through it. I'm hoping we can do this again. Again, it goes back to the discipline and staying focused on what's right at hand. The three games, we can't do anything about, but the one game, we can. That's what we really need to zero in on."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 14 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.