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How Current Seahawks Performed At The NFL Scouting Combine

Take a look back and see how current Seahawks players performed during the NFL Combine.

Over 300 college football prosects are attending the 2018 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Ind., this week looking to show team coaches, executives, scouts and other staff members how physically and mentally ready they are for the next level. Let's take a look back and and see how current Seattle Seahawks players performed when they went through the process. Note that not all Seahawks players were invited to the combine coming out of college and some conducted their drills on their Pro Day, instead.


Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3 Cone Drill****20-Yard Shuttle**
Russell WilsonWisconsin4.55 sec34.0 inch118.0 inch6.97 sec4.09 sec
Austin DavisSouthern Mississippi4.76 sec31.0 inch109.0 inch6.73 sec4.11 sec


Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard Shuttle****Bench**
Chris CarsonOklahoma State4.58 sec37.0 inch130.0 inchN/AN/A23 reps
Thomas RawlsCentral Michigan4.65 sec35.5 inch116.0 inchN/AN/A15 reps
C.J. ProsiseNotre Dame4.48 sec35.5 inch121.0 inchN/AN/AN/A
Mike DavisSouth Carolina4.61 sec34.0 inch116.0 inch7.00 sec4.18 sec17 reps
Tre MaddenUSCN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A24 reps

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard Shuttle****Bench**
Paul RichardsonColorado4.40 sec38.0 inch124.0 inch7.09 secN/AN/A
Tyler LockettKansas State4.40 sec35.5 inch121.0 inch6.89 sec4.07 secN/A
Amara DarbohMichigan4.45 sec36.0 inch124.0 inchN/AN/A17 reps
Jimmy GrahamMiami (Fla.)4.56 sec38.5 inch120.0 inch6.90 secN/AN/A
Nick VannettOhio StateN/A30.5 inch111.0 inch7.05 sec4.20 sec17 reps

Offensive Linemen 

Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard  Shuttle****Bench**
Justin BrittMissouri5.19 sec27.5 inch100.0 inch8.14 sec4.69 sec23 reps
Duane BrownVirginia Tech5.08 sec27.5 inchN/A7.58 sec4.52 secN/A
Ethan PocicLSU5.15 sec27.0 inch107.0 inch7.89 sec4.81 sec26 reps
Germain IfediTexas A&M5.27 secN/A109.0 inchN/A4.75 sec24 reps
Luke JoeckelTexas A&M5.30 sec28.5 inch106.0 inch7.40 sec4.68 sec27 reps
Oday AboushiVirginia5.45 sec23.5 inch100.0 inch7.92 sec4.84 sec17 reps
Rees OdhiamboBoise StateN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A23 reps

Defensive Linemen

Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard Shuttle****Bench**
Michael BennettTexas A&M5.13 sec31.0 inch110.0 inchN/AN/A24 reps
Frank ClarkMichigan4.79 sec38.5 inch118.0 inch7.08 sec4.05 sec19 reps
Branden JacksonTexas Tech5.06 sec31.5 inch113.0 inch7.40 sec4.77 sec20 reps
Quinton JeffersonMaryland4.95 sec29.0 inchN/A7.95 sec4.37 sec24 reps
Dion JordanOregon4.60 sec32.5 inch122.0 inch7.02 sec4.35 secN/A
Marcus SmithLouisville4.68 sec35.0 inch121.0 inch7.48 sec4.47 sec23 reps
Jarran ReedAlabama5.21 sec31.0 inch104.0 inch7.77 sec4.75 secN/A
Sheldon RichardsonMissouri5.02 sec32.0 inch116.0 inchN/AN/A30 reps
Cliff AvrilPurdueN/A32.5 inch117.0 inch6.90 secN/AN/A
Nazair JonesNorth Carolina5.11 sec24.5 inch101.0 inch7.93 sec4.63 secN/A


Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard Shuttle****Bench**
K.J. WrightMississippi State4.75 sec32.0 inch120.0 inch7.26 sec4.46 sec20 reps
P.J. DawsonTCU4.93 sec28.0 inch109.0 inchN/A4.49 sec21 reps
Josh ForrestKentucky4.91 sec30.5 inch118.0 inchN/AN/A11 reps

Defensive Backs

Name**School****40-Yard Dash****Vertical Jump****Broad Jump****3-Cone****20-Yard Shuttle****Bench**
Justin ColemanTennessee4.53 sec37.5 inch124.0 inch6.61 sec3.98 sec20 reps
Shaquill GriffinCentral Florida4.38 sec38.5 inch132.0 inch6.87 sec4.14 sec17 reps
Byron MaxwellClemson4.46 sec33.0 inch124.0 inchN/AN/A24 reps
Mike TysonCincinnati4.56 sec33.0 inch118.0 inchN/AN/A17 reps
Bradley McDougaldKansas4.74 sec34.5 inch122.0 inch7.07 sec4.44 sec19 reps
Tedric ThompsonColorado4.60 sec32.5 inch117.0 inch7.11 sec4.36 sec17 reps
Delano HillMichigan4.47 sec33.5 inch115.0 inch6.96 sec4.27 sec17 reps
DeAndre ElliottColorado State4.55 sec41.0 inch125.0 inch6.93 sec3.94 secN/A
Richard ShermanStanford4.56 sec38.0 inch125.0 inch6.82 sec4.33 sec16 reps

Take a look back through the years at photos of current Seahawks players participating in the annual NFL Combine.

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