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GM John Schneider on Seahawks vs Bears: "It Feels Like a Fresh Start"

Highlights from GM John Schneider's pregame segment with 710 ESPN Seattle.


Seahawks Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider joined 'Voice of the Seahawks' Steve Raible for an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle an hour before Seattle kicked off against the Chicago Bears in the club's home opener at CenturyLink Field.

The full audio file is embedded for you above and a few highlights are laid out for you below.

(On finally playing a game at home...) "Yeah, it feels like a fresh start, quite honestly. A beautiful day, the alumni are here, we're back home in front of the 12s, Kam's here, good thing."

(On what the message was to the team after starting the year 0-2...)"The things we talk about are the penalties, the offsides, the missed tackles, just cleaning things up, playing the type of ball we know how to play. If you look at the second half of last week's game, you take out the screen interception - not to make excuses but we're right in that game. It was disappointing, but I'm very proud of the way the guys played away in a very hostile environment. We played in two incredibly hostile environments for us. We've always for some reason struggled with a team in the Rams that they're a darn good matchup with us because they're so fast up front. Then we go to Green Bay and you're playing against the best player in the National Football League [Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers]." 

(On playing in front of the 12s for the first time in the regular season...) "There's a bunch of new guys that are really excited about it. Thomas Rawls is going to get some more carries, Tyler Lockett playing back here, and I think Frank Clark is going to be a little bit more involved today, too. So some of these young guys, and hopefully Jimmy [Graham] as well, we get them ripping in front of these fans."

(On Kam Chancellor's return to the team after missing training camp and the first two regular season games...) "Well, I think I've said all along, he's a very important part of what we're doing. He's a heartbeat guy and he's a strong leader on this football team. You could just tell in practice this week when he came back. ... We're just excited to move forward into the future and have him here because he's such a special football player."

(On defending Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, brother of Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett...) "He's a heck of a player now. Very, very well rounded. Arguably the most well-rounded tight end in the National Football League - his blocking, the way he digs people out, he's able to get down the field, great hands, so he's going to be a handful for us."

(On getting back on track this week at CenturyLink Field...) "Obviously we have excellent fans, so when you lose games like that you feel like you're letting people down. So it's very important for us to get back on track here and get this thing ripping again."


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