GM John Schneider on Seahawks at Packers: "This is a Big Challenge for us"

Highlights from GM John Schneider's pregame interview with 710 ESPN Seattle.


Seahawks Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider joined 'Voice of the Seahawks' Steve Raible for a conversation ahead of Sunday night's game against the Packers in Green Bay.

The full audio file is embedded for you above, with a few highlights laid out for you below:

(On matching up with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field...) "This is a very talented football team. The head coach is phenomenal. The quarterback's arguably the best player in the League, he's playing at an extremely high level. The defense is playing well, [defensive coordinator] Dom Capers does a great job. This is a big challenge for us. We played here in preseason, but we haven't played here in the regular season in a while. This is a pretty big challenge, there's like 20,000 more seats here, or something like that, so it's a different setup now."

(On how the Packers are different from this past January's NFC Championship game...) "Offensively, not having [wide receiver] Jordy [Nelson] obviously hurts them, but they still use their tight ends, they have a very good running back - a downhill runner in Eddie Lacy, a really good player. Defensively I think they're using more safeties, more bare looks, a lot of three-safety sets. They look like a faster team on defense, but there's a lot of the same guys from our game here."

(On what the team learned from the NFC Championship comeback against the Packers...) "Those lessons you learn, the confidence level of the guys and knowing you're going to be playing against an extremely talented quarterback, you've got to stay on your man, you've got to have everything buttoned up right. It's a huge challenge for us. It's a good one early in the year, we're lucky we're not coming here in the middle of December, so it's going to be a heck of a game, that's for sure."

(On where coach Pete Carroll thinks the Seahawks needed to improve...) "I think we definitely need to tackle better than we did last week, we had several missed tackles. And I think some O-linemen stuff that he really wanted to work on, some missed alignments. Other than that, just sort of the same thing that he talks about every week in terms of just preparing for ourselves more so than we are preparing for the Green Bay Packers. We need to get ourselves buttoned up and be concerned about ourselves."

(On if being 13-1 in primetime games since Carroll took over in 2010 means anything to him...) "I didn't know that. It really doesn't. Sitting all day though, waiting for these games, that's a long day for these guys."

Photos from Seahawks fans prior to kickoff at Lambeau Field.

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