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Gena & Brittany from Mexico


Here on our sixth and final day in Mexico City, it is difficult to decide what the best part of our trip has been. We have experienced busy days filled with sightseeing, interviews, photo shoots and shows. As Sea Gals and school teachers, the absolute highlight has been visiting an elementary school in Mexico City. Prior to our trip, we spent many hours preparing a week of learning for our own students back home in Washington. As teachers, it is a challenge to be away from our students-- especially for four days at a time! But now as we reflect on our trip, we realize we have amazing experiences to share with our students when we return.

On October 18th, we had the pleasure of visiting "El Favor del Nino" Elementary School. We arrived to see the same hustle and bustle of morning routines and the excitement and anticipation of an assembly just as we would experience back home. Pre-kindergarten kids filed hand in hand into the auditorium as we waited on the bus for our entrance. As we walked inside we were greeted by pre-K through fifth graders with an abundance of waves and smiles. Soon the intensity of our audience calmed and "criss-cross applesauce" became the standard position. The students prepared excitedly to take in a perfomance related to something that is largely part of the culture in Mexico City- dance!

Following our performance we signed autographs, handed out prizes, and shook hands with the beaming students. We were instantly reminded what treasures we have in our own students. We felt so lucky to have a little taste of home as we were thousands of miles away.

As our morning with the children came to and end, we said our 'goodbyes'. As we approached the children, the buzz of excitement and energy circled around us and the other five Sea Gals (literally!), and we found ourselves in a sea of smiles, "besos" (kisses) and the warmest hugs of thanks for visiting their school.

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