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Friday Round-Up: Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Picks & Predictions

A daily link round-up of what's "out there" about your Seattle Seahawks


Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Blue Friday, Jan. 30 - about your Seattle Seahawks two days ahead of Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 1 at Glendale's University of Phoenix Stadium with national television coverage on NBC.

The Picks Are In

The staff at [are split on picking this year's Super Bowl winner]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link").'s Don Banks sees a 27-23 Patriots win, "Why do I get the feeling this outcome was meant to be? As the controversy again swirls around this lightning rod of a club, the Patriots are back on the same University of Phoenix field where their perfect season dreams died such a cruel and improbable death seven years ago, with a chance for redemption against the defending Super Bowl champions, who are trying to match New England's back-to-back feat of 10 years ago. A Seattle win would clearly bump New England to the status of last decade's dynasty, but this time it'll be the Patriots with the late fourth-quarter magic, as a Tom Brady-to-Rob Gronkowski touchdown pass earns the Men of Belichick that long-awaited fourth ring, and a dose of vindication, at least in the eyes of some."

And's Chris Burke sees a 20-17 Seattle win"The Patriots' offense can overwhelm opposing defenses with its varied looks, but those that have had success against it A) have been able to generate pressure without needing to blitz much; and B) have thrown off the Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski timing by physically testing Gronk. Seattle can do both of those things. New England will move the ball and its own defense is far better than many people think. The defending champs will pull it off, though."

Pete Prisco at [predicts a 23-20 Patriots win]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link"), "There are two big reasons why I like the New England Patriots to beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Their run as one of the league's best coach-quarterback tandems of all-time began 13 years ago, when many of the same players who will be on the same University of Phoenix Stadium field Sunday were still hoping to show off for their high-school coaches and win a letterman jacket. That's staying power. The reason it's worked, even as the other names change and the roster turns over year by year, is because they're both among the greats at their respective jobs. Give Belichick two weeks to prepare to stop a gimmicky offense like the one Seattle runs, and I will take that any day. He will come up with something to limit running back Marshawn Lynch, force Russell Wilson to win the game in the pocket, which will play right into the Seattle weakness. That's the Belichick way. I think Brady will have time to make smart decisions against that great Seattle defense. He will be patient. He will use Shane Vereen as a check-down king to move the football. If the Seahawks double Rob Gronkowski, which they will do, he will go to others behind the double. He's smart that way and he will play well enough to win the Super Bowl MVP. The Patriots haven't won a title in over a decade. They've dealt with Spygate and now Deflategate, but none of that will matter when the night is over in the desert. Brady and Belichick will be atop the football mountain again -- maybe earning that spot permanently if they indeed do win another."

John Clayton at [predicts a 24-20 win for the Seahawks]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link"), "Like in their victory over the Patriots in 2012, the Seahawks will need a late fourth-quarter drive to win this game."

Four of 13 NFL experts at are [picking the Seahawks to win]( "
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Three of eight NFL staffers at [like Seattle over New England]( "
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And eight of 14 analysts at [like the Seahawks to top the Patriots]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link"). The League staffers also share their predictions for Super Bowl MVP.

Paul Allen Wants A Touchdown In The Fight Against Ebola

Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who has donated $100 million to battle Ebola in West Africa, says [we are at halftime in the fight against the outbreak in an op-ed piece for USA Today]( "
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"Even as the rate of new Ebola infections slows, the world must not become complacent in our response to the epidemic," Allen writes. "We have seen epidemics wane before, and when we let our guard down, the disease roars to new heights. The score we are aiming for in this game is zero. Zero Ebola cases.

"How do we get to zero? We need the continued funding and resources of the U.S. and other global governments. To make that happen, we need the people of the United States to care and to act. I encourage each fan planning on watching the game to do what you can, small or large, to help stop this devastating and continuing epidemic — share an article, donate funds or encourage an elected official to take action. All of us need to approach Ebola with the fervor [that] we bring to a football game — to bring passion and raise a loud voice in this fight. This battle is not over, but I know we can win.

"As Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says, 'It's about finishing. It's not just finishing the fourth quarter. It's about finishing the season, finishing the plays, and finishing everything.' Let's finish this and #TackleEbola."

Tweet of the Day

Today's "Tweet of the Day" [comes from us via coach Pete Carroll]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link"), who when asked about the expected birth of Richard Sherman's son during Friday's final Super Bowl press conference joked he can't wait to see "little Petey" be born.

More From Around The Web

Here at, Clare Farnsworth details [how the Seahawks will defend Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski](/news/longform/2015/chancellor-vs-gronkowski.html "/news/longform/2015/chancellor-vs-gronkowski.html
Ctrl Click to follow link") and leads [his recap of Thursday's events in Hawkville](/news/articles/article-1/Thursday-in-Hawkville-Richard-Sherman-also-on-baby-watch-as-he-prepares-for-Super-Bowl/d8499ab3-f1ff-4ab3-a13c-7268c816ab90 "/news/articles/article-1/Thursday-in-Hawkville-Richard-Sherman-also-on-baby-watch-as-he-prepares-for-Super-Bowl/d8499ab3-f1ff-4ab3-a13c-7268c816ab90
Ctrl Click to follow link") with Sherman's baby-watch.

I detail four things we learned from Sherman and Michael Bennett's Thursday press conferences and [share why](/news/articles/article-1/Seahawks-running-back-Marshawn-Lynch-Im-here-preparing-for-a-game/9b33d522-70dd-4ec1-ade3-4e275b1de8d6 "/news/articles/article-1/Seahawks-running-back-Marshawn-Lynch-Im-here-preparing-for-a-game/9b33d522-70dd-4ec1-ade3-4e275b1de8d6
Ctrl Click to follow link") running back Marshawn Lynch has shied away from the media this week.

Photos of the Thursday practice in Phoenix, AZ getting ready for the game on Sunday.

WWE star Daniel Bryan [will host a Q&A on the @Seahawks Twitter account at 3 p.m. PT](/news/articles/article-1/WWE-superstar-Daniel-Bryan-to-host-hour-long-QA-session-on-Seahawks-Twitter-account/50ca476b-1b3f-494b-a863-fb119861295c "/news/articles/article-1/WWE-superstar-Daniel-Bryan-to-host-hour-long-QA-session-on-Seahawks-Twitter-account/50ca476b-1b3f-494b-a863-fb119861295c
Ctrl Click to follow link") today. You can send him your questions using the #12sQA hashtag.

Here's [what Seahawks players had to say on social media](/news/articles/article-1/Daily-Social-Recap-Now-to-Focus-on-the-Big-Game/ff12a069-587a-4063-aa08-7c324fcb4fb7 "/news/articles/article-1/Daily-Social-Recap-Now-to-Focus-on-the-Big-Game/ff12a069-587a-4063-aa08-7c324fcb4fb7
Ctrl Click to follow link") yesterday.

Lynch [sat down for an interview with]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link") in which he opened up about his Beast Mode brand and how growing up in Oakland helped shape who he is today.

And says [New England's Tom Brady may need to be at his best]( "
Ctrl Click to follow link") to beat the Seahawks on Sunday.

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