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Four Make-A-Wish Kids Spend The Weekend In Seattle Visiting With The Team

The Seahawks hosted Make-A-Wish kids for a three-day weekend filled with memorable experiences.

Make-A-Wish kids and their families with a Seahawks weekend experience in Seattle Wash. Aug. 16-19, 2023.
Make-A-Wish kids and their families with a Seahawks weekend experience in Seattle Wash. Aug. 16-19, 2023.

Da'Shawn, Jakob, Keegan and Vyom had their wishes come true when they visited the Seahawks, something they've been looking forward to for a while.

Their three-day weekend consisted of a dinner, attending practice, meeting the players and capping off their weekend by attending a game and getting to spend pregame on the sidelines!

Vyom, who had a kidney transplant in 2021 said the visit to the Seahawks came at a perfect time because it's a celebration of his journey.

"I can finally celebrate being healthy," Vyom said "It's a lifelong dream! I'm grateful to have the opportunity to meet the team."

Vyom was just one of the kids who attended the Seahawks weekend and had their wish granted. Da'Shawn, who is a paraplegic and has chronic respiratory failure; Keegan, who has leukemia; and Jakob who has MPS-1 Hurlers syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting one in 100,000 births, were also there.

The four were able to bond over their appreciation for the Seahawks and they all have different stories of why they love the team.

For Vyom, watching Seahawks games was something that he and his dad could bond over. Keegan started playing football because he was inspired by the team and his favorite player, Bobby Wagner. Jakob's fandom for the team began when he was in foster care. His foster brother, who he looked up to, was a fan so over time Jakob became a fan too. Lastly, being a former football player, his love for football and players like Marshawn Lynch, Kenneth Walker III and Tyler Lockett is where his love for the Seahawks began.

Playing football was always a part of Da'Shawn's life, until he was injured in a championship game where he suffered his spinal cord injury.

Da'Shawn traveled from North Carolina to make his wish come true. The trip was his first time on a plane and when asked about how that experience was, he said it was amazing, but the worst part was the turbulence and altitude change that made his ears pop.

Amongst all the new experiences, the four kids had one thing remained true and that was the hope that this wish gave each of them.

Keegan said his wish gave him something to look forward to while receiving treatment in the hospital. To him, his wish was achieving a dream and "giving someone a chance to do something they thought they would never get to do."

Four Make-A-Wish kids had their wishes come true as they spent a weekend fully immersed in all things Seahawks -- meeting players, attending a game and "signing" a rookie contract with the team.