Fly Boys: Seahawks Defensive Tackle Jesse Williams Photographs Tight End Jimmy Graham Flying Around the Seattle Area

The pair spent a players day off in the Seattle skies.

NFL players have plenty of talent off the field, too, and if you'd like to see proof of that, look no further than this photo blog (also embedded for you below) from Seahawks defensive tackle Jesse Williams, who spent a players day off shooting one of Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham's biggest passions.

Williams, an avid photographer, followed Graham, a certified pilot, to Kenmore Air, where Graham keeps his newest toy - a "Beaver" seaplane from the 1950s-60s that Graham is in the process of rebuilding. The pair hadn't planned to fly that day, but the terminal manager offered a chance for the Seahawks players to take a test spin in an Otter Seaplane around the Seattle area.

"We could not turn him down. It was Go Time!," Williams writes on his blog. "Half a mile and 10 seconds and we were Up! Sky high carving through the skies above Seattle and surrounding areas. Was a great day for it, managed to get a few snaps of Seattle."

Williams and Graham circled the Seattle area, swinging by Seahawks headquarters in the process. You can check out all of Williams' photos from his day with Graham in the blog embedded below.

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