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Eye of the Hawk Highlights: Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit Lions

Check out top highlights from four unique camera angles at CenturyLink Field from the Seahawks' Wild Card playoff win against the Detroit Lions.

At CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games this season the Seahawks mobile app brings you in-game highlights and live video feeds from around the stadium.

Below, check out a few highlights from the team's 26-6 Wild Card playoff win against the Detroit Lions that showcase four 'Eye of the Hawk' camera angles seen in the Seahawks mobile app:

Doug Baldwin's Circus Catch

What Richard Sherman Said About Doug Baldwin: "He makes the tough catches, he even catches with his butt sometimes. There's nothing he can't do, that's why they pay him the big bucks."

Paul Richardson's One-Handed Sideline Catch & One-Handed Touchdown Catch

What Doug Baldwin Said About How Paul Richardson Has Stepped Up: "Paul has always been able to do those kinds of catches. He's been a big-play guy for us ever since I can remember him coming on the field. He's had unfortunate events in terms of injuries and he's been trying to stay on the field. But when he's out there, he's pretty dominant so we expected that out of him. He had two huge, clutch catches that we needed. I couldn't be happier or proud of him."

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