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Eye of the Hawk Highlights: Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers

Check out top highlights from four unique camera angles at CenturyLink Field from the Seahawks' Week 13 win over the Carolina Panthers.

At CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games this season the Seahawks mobile app brings you in-game highlights and live video feeds from around the stadium.

Below, check out a few highlights from Sunday's 40-7 Week 13 win over the Carolina Panthers that showcase four 'Eye of the Hawk' camera angles seen in the Seahawks mobile app:

Mike Morgan Intercepts Derek Anderson

What Pete Carroll said about the play: "Mike Mo. Isn't that something? His first interception ever on the first play of the game. That was great. We made a big deal about Mike coming back, he's been out for two weeks. He's a real favorite on this team. He's a real pro. So, the guys were cheering for him in the locker room after the game, just because he made a big play and all that. He's just been a great factor and personality on this team, and that was awesome that that happened for him, that was great."

K.J. Wright Forces Fumble, Cassius Marsh Recovers

What Pete Carroll said about the Seahawks defense: "I rave about that running game, because of the complexities of it. Our guys were on it all night long, until the end when they got some yardage. We played a terrific game at the line of scrimmage. We weren't able to get to the quarterback, but the pass defense was very good. The guys made a lot of plays, guys were around the ball a lot on their routes. All in all, it was a fantastic night, to give up seven points on those guys. "  

Thomas Rawls 45-Yard Touchdown Run

What Thomas Rawls said about the run game: "I felt like we dominated the run game. The guys up front had a great week of preparation. The same cuts that I was making in practice were the same ones that I was making on the field. That's one thing that the results showed."

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