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Checking In With Seahawks Delta Road Warrior Alex Knapp

We check in with Road Warrior Alex Knapp, who thanks to Delta Air Lines, the Official Airline of the Seattle Seahawks, has traveled to each of the team's road games this season.


As winner of the Seahawks Road Warrior Sweepstakes, Alex Knapp has criss-crossed the country following the team to every road game this season. His three Seahawks jerseys have now seen six stadiums and counting; he's perfected the fastest route to the airport; enjoyed priority boarding out of Sea-Tac thanks to the 12status program; and honestly, he's a little bit tired.

But Knapp is quick to point out that the once-in-a-lifetime experience, courtesy of Delta Air Lines, the Official Airline of the Seattle Seahawks, has been well worth it.

Following the Seahawks' Week 12 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we caught up with the third-generation Seahawks fan, who shared highlights of his journey so far.


Knapp:"I had never been to Florida and Tampa was the only city of the eight [road games] that I had not been to. For the game, the weather was awesome. Great to get out of Seattle weather during this time of year and it was terrific. The interesting thing was how many Seahawks fans we met and talked to who were living out of state. We talked to people who live in Florida and Georgia, and it was interesting to meet so many Seahawks fans who didn't live in Seattle."


Knapp: "The Patriots game was just a great football game all around. The stadium itself is nice. They kept playing music in between plays. Like when we were on offense, after every single play, they'd play 10-15 second clips of music until they got up to the line again, and then they would cut the music. It almost felt like an NBA basketball game where there was music going on all the time.

"And for being outside the city, there was a nice mall area around the stadium with restaurants and bars. Before the game, we were at a bar and sat at a table with some Pats fans."


Knapp:"Seeing a tie in Arizona was interesting. It's one of those things you don't ever anticipate seeing in person. It just seemed like we weren't really in it, but you kept looking at scoreboard and we were only three points behind. I felt like we should've lost the game, but at the same time, we also should've won the game. I didn't know how to feel. … It was just an interesting environment."


Knapp:"The stadium is cool, but the fans there are really good. They there were all very welcoming and friendly, but they also were loud. Especially for a team that's had a few difficult years lately, they seemed like they wanted to be involved in the game more so than fans at other places I have visited. I would say it was almost comparable to CenturyLink Field at times.

"It was Halloween weekend, which made it even more fun. We dressed up on Saturday night and went out to Bourbon Street. My cousin and I were Maverick and Goose from Top Gun."


Knapp:"The Jets' stadium was my favorite so far. It's a nice new stadium, it's not too far from [New York] city. They had good tailgating options. My high school friends [from Bellevue] rented a school bus and parked it in the parking lot. It was full of Seahawks fans who live in New York.

"My brother lives there, so my parents and my sister went out and we all went to the game. I went to the Super Bowl there, so I have good memories there."


Knapp:"It was really hot, that's what I remember. It was cool to see the historic stadium. And it was cool to be a part of LA getting a team back, and having it be the first game back in LA.

"A lot of the team's moms were sitting around us. Richard Sherman's mom was sitting a row over, and she was really involved in the game, trying to get the fans going which was cool to see.

"It didn't seem like there were a lot of diehard fans there, they were just there to watch football. They're a new team, so it takes time. It felt like close to a third of people were Seahawks fans. I wouldn't say it was super loud in there."


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