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Celebrity Hawk Fans

From famous chefs and music artists to your favorite superheroes, the Seahawks have quite the list of celebrity fans.

Photos of some of the celebrity 12s visiting the Seahawks gameday.

Being a 12 means brining the noise on game day, creating a home-field like atmosphere for the Seahawks at every road game and - after repeating as NFC Champions - bragging rights.  At least that's what's a few Northwest celebrities said, after their heart rate returned to normal following the thrilling overtime finish against Green Bay.

"Insane. Magical. Unbelievable. BEASTLY!" said Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready as he tried to explain the Seahawks win against the Packers.  "It's hard to describe something you've never really seen before. That game will go down as one of all time greats!"

It was "unforgettable" for William Duval of Alice in Chains, and four-time Grammy award winner Macklemore lists it among "the top five moments of my life."

Award winning chef Tom Douglas celebrated by doing what he does best.  

"Well since my nick name is "Feast Mode" it sent me to the kitchen to prepare a feast for the ages.  Just wish the Beast had shown up!"

Douglas will be at it again this week serving up a feast in Phoenix and bringing a taste of Seattle to the dessert on Saturday night.  

"I'll be serving piles of King Crab, Mountains of rib roast and a big salad of "Boston" lettuce with avocado and grapefruit, and large hot crusty loaves of garlic bread," Douglas said.

When he's not working in the kitchen you'll probably find him talking about the Hawks.

"Of course every chef in the country," Douglas said about who he'll brag to about the Hawks. "Including my chef at Cantina Lena who I lost a bet to a few years ago and had to send that crazy Packers fan and his mother to the Super Bowl in Indy."

Northwest actor Chris Pratt, known as "Star-Lord" to fans of the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy," attended the NFC Championship game and issued a friendly wager with Boston native Chris Evans otherwise known as "Captain America" for the Super Bowl.  If the Seahawks win, Evans will have to visit Seattle Children's Hospital as Captain America. If the Patriots win, Pratt will have to show up at a Boston non-profit that supports children with cancer, wearing a Tom Brady jersey.

The Seahawks overall success the last couple of years has made Pratt more vocal around a few friends.

"As far as trash talk goes, most of mine is aimed toward San Fran fans," Pratt said. "I brag the most to my friend Paul who is a San Francisco fan. Our back and forth crap talk is relentless. And needless to say it's been a tough couple years for him!"

Comedian and actor Joel McHale admits he's ruthless with his trash talk.  Maybe not in what he says, but who he says it to.

"It's two groups: My son's 1st grade glass and my other son's 4th grade class. I'm usually wearing Seahawks gear when I drop my kids off and in each of their respective classes there are small but vocal Patriots fans. I literally have two different shouting matches within 15 minutes of each other every morning. Shouting. At children."

McCready prefers to keep in more civil, or at the very least, more even keeled.

"I wouldn't really say I brag to anyone," McCready said. "I'm proud of the Seahawks and am excited they are going back to the Super Bowl. What happened last season was special, not only for the team, but for the city. It's been a long time since Seattle has won a Championship of any kind. Many of today's fans weren't even alive when the Sonics won the NBA title in the late 70s, or even when UW won a share of the National Championship in 1991. I think this Seahawks team can be really good for many years. Seattle really is a great sports town and deserves this."

Super Bowl Sunday for McCready includes watching the game at home with his family and likely Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard.

"Stone came over for the NFC Championship, so we may need to keep that mojo going," McCready explained.

Fellow musician Macklemore will be at the game as well as Pratt.

"I'm going to the Super Bowl! Like I'm actually gonna be there!" Pratt said.  "Never been. Don't know what to expect! Wait. I bet we'll drink some beer. Other than that I don't know what to expect."

As for McHale, expect him to be decked out and easy to spot among the crowd of 12s at University of Phoenix stadium.

"I will be at the game," Pratt said. "Look for the dude covered in blue body paint, green wig, ski goggles, and the number "12" bedazzled on my chest. Also, I'll probably be screaming."

Along with thousands of 12s looking to bring a second championship home to Seattle.

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