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Beyond The Decibels: Seahawks vs. Monsters

Watch Seahawks players save the city of Seattle from giant mutated monsters.

The latest installment in the Seahawks' Beyond the Decibels collection takes the fan-created content series to heroic heights.

Filmmakers Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl of Shep Films teamed up with artist collective Electric Coffin to create a short film that portrays Seahawks players as superheroes battling it out against giant monsters in an attempt to save the city of Seattle from total annihilation.

"We were given the opportunity to pitch a short film to the Seattle Seahawks and we pretty much immediately knew that we wanted to do an homage to classic Japanese Kaiju movies where Seahawks players are fighting giant costumed monsters in Seattle," Caldwell said in a making-of-the-movie clip.  "I think where this comes from is just kind of that place where you're a kid and you're a sports fan and you watch these guys do these amazing things, they become like superheroes to you, so we just wanted to channel that into this film."

The four-minute flick, entitled 'Beyond the Decibels - Seahawks vs. Monsters,' features Seahawks linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright, tight end Luke Willson, punter Jon Ryan, kicker Steven Hauschka, and defensive end Michael Bennett fighting off mutated beasts native to the Pacific Northwest.

"When we pitched this to the Seahawks, we thought it was an awesome idea, but we thought it was so weird they'd say no," said Earl. "Then they said yes, and we immediately had to scramble and figure out, OK, how do we actually bring this idea to life?"

The short film was shot this past summer during Seahawks training camp, where the filmmakers set up the movie set adjacent to the team's practice fields.

"We just want to thank the entire Seahawks staff for letting us make this ridiculous short film," said Earl. "It's been one of the most fun projects we've ever gotten to work on."

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