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7-Year-Old '12' Stands Behind Seahawks in South Carolina

A 7-year-old Seahawks fan in South Carolina has been given a tough time for showing team pride, but he's stood his ground, and recently received support from Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner: "We got your back"

A 7-year-old Seahawks fan in South Carolina has been getting virtual high-fives from 12s all over the country after his mom posted on Facebook about his steadfast support of the team.

Heather Lewis, who grew up in Kennewick, Wash., says her son Ade has been "overwhelmed" by the response to her post on Thursday, in which she shared that Ade gets booed by kids at school for wearing his Seahawks beanie in Panthers Country. The beanie was a Christmas gift from Lewis, whose brother and parents are Seahawks fans.

"I told him I would post this picture on Facebook and invite other Seahawks fans to like it to show him that he's not alone," Lewis wrote on Facebook. "He told me it would be awesome if 10 people liked this picture."

Seahawks fans responded – and so did Seahawks players Jordan Hill, Bobby Wagner and Coach Pete Carroll. By the time Lewis picked up her son from school that day, more than 4,000 people had "liked" the Facebook post. ("Guess how many likes you got on Facebook?" she asked. His response: "25?") By Friday, that number had ballooned to over 150,000 likes (and counting).


Among Ade's new fans is the Seahawks defensive tackle Hill, who called on his way home from practice Thursday.

"Ade had these pieces of white paper and he wrote his own questions," Lewis said. "He asked him if he likes 'Star Wars' and if he's seen it."

(For the record, Hill hasn't seen the movie yet, but plans to when he has some free time. His favorite candy is pink Starburst, and his favorite hip-hop artist is Drake. Ade, meanwhile, shared that his favorite artist is Macklemore.)

Wagner – wearing a similar Seahawks beanie – recorded a message for him on YouTube: "I heard you out there repping us. I just want to let you know that we appreciate you, and if anybody tries to pick on you, we got your back. Don't worry about it."

And Carroll's office reached out to the Lewis family and is sending Seahawks gear for Ade and his 9-year-old brother, Brooks.


Lewis says her son has visited Kennewick, but has never been to Seattle. He likes the Seahawks because "they look like cool guys" and his uncles and grandpa are Seahawks fans.


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