24 Questions To Help You Get To Know Seahawks TE Nick Vannett

Get to know the Seahawks' newest tight end Nick Vannett, selected with the No. 94 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Seahawks used the second of three third-round picks on Ohio State tight end Nick Vannett, selected No. 94 overall by Seattle on Friday, the second day of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Following a conference call with the Seattle-area media, Vannett took time to answer a few fun questions for Seahawks.com.

Here are 24 questions and answers to help 12s get to know one of the newest Seahawks, who hails from Westerville, Ohio.

1. Nickname?

Vannett: "The one I've gotten throughout the process has been 'Baby Gronk,' but that's just something that someone on Twitter gave me and it kind of blew up to be a little bit of a big deal, but not really."

2. College Major?

Vannett: "Sport Industry."

3. Hobbies?

Vannett: "When I'm not playing football I just like to be on the beach somewhere. That's kind of my idea of just kind of getting my mind off things. Other than that, just being around friends. I'm an easy-going guy. I love being in the water, so being on a boat wakeboarding or wakesurfing, tubing, that's my idea of fun."

4. Athlete you idolized growing up?

Vannett: "Since I was little I've always idolized Antonio Gates. He was my favorite player, but now I like to study Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski, that's why I'm pretty ecstatic about where I'm headed with [Graham] and Luke [Willson] and all the rest of the guys. Just excited to be a part of it."

5. Gameday rituals or superstitions?

Vannett: "Yeah, I have my routine of how I do things. Superstitions, I always stay away from my phone on gameday. I always have a certain playlist of music that I listen to that just gets me pumped up and it gets my mind focused in on things."

6. Favorite artist?

Vannett: "I like Drake. I've kind of started to get into EDM a little bit, too, so I listen to a lot of EDM music."

7. First album you ever purchased?

Vannett: "I think it was like one of Eminem's first albums. Actually, no I think it was NSYNC is what it was. Way, way, way back."

8. Album you're listening to right now?

Vannett: "Well I just downloaded that Drake album [Views]. I haven't listened to it yet, but I heard it has people in their feelings a little bit, so I'll pick the right time to listen to it."


9. Favorite T.V. Show?

Vannett: "Tosh.0"

10. Favorite Movie?

Vannett: "The Lone Survivor."

11. Projected Madden Rating?

Vannett: "I have no idea. I guess maybe a 70, I don't know. I want to be modest enough about it, but I have no idea."

12. Kobe or LeBron?

Vannett: "LeBron."

13. Batman or Superman?

Vannett: "Superman."

14. Michael Jordan or Crying Jordan?

Vannett: "[Laughter] Crying Jordan."

15. Better hair: Richard Sherman or Pete Carroll?

Vannett: "Richard Sherman."

16. Between Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat you spend the most time on…?

Vannett: "Probably Snapchat, at least that's what my phone tells me."

17. The first thing you'll buy as an NFL player is…?

Vannett: "A Car. I like those Audi A7's. Either that or a Challenger, haven't really narrowed it down yet."

18. The Seahawks player or coach you're forward to meeting most is…?

Vannett: "Coach Carroll."

19. The greatest athlete on the planet right now is…?

Vannett: "Steph Curry."

20. You're at an all-you-can-eat buffet, the first thing you go for is…?

Vannett: "Chicken wings."

21. A city or country you'd like to visit is…?

Vannett: "Seattle! Never been to Seattle."

22. The best advice you've ever received is…?

Vannett: "To finish everything you start."

23. Aside from the NFL, your dream job would be…?

Vannett: "Working for Nike."

24. You're stranded on a desert island, the three things you want with you are…?

Vannett: "My phone. It's going to be dry out there, so definitely chapstick. And man, what else? Maybe a hot girl. That's all I need."


Seahawks use the 94th overall pick and select Nick Vannett in the third round, a tight end form Ohio State University.

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