24 Questions To Help You Get To Know Seahawks RB C.J. Prosise

Get to know C.J. Prosise the person with these 24 questions and answers with the former Notre Dame running back.

The Seahawks used the first of three third-round picks on Notre Dame running back C.J. Prosise, a player Seattle took No. 90 overall on Friday, day two of the 2016 NFL Draft.

After Prosise spoke with Seattle-area reporters via conference call at team headquarters, he participated in a light-hearted Q&A session with Seahawks.com.

Here are 24 questions and answers that should help 12s get to know one of the newest members of the Seahawks, who hails from Petersburg, Va.:

1. Nickname?

Prosise: "Freaky."

2. College Major?

Prosise: "Management Consulting."

3. Secret Talent or Hobby?

Prosise: "I can play the saxophone."

4. Athlete you idolized growing up?

Prosise: "Mike Vick."

5. Gameday Rituals?

Prosise: "I do kind of the same thing, I wake up early, I take an epson salt warm bath, and then I just kind of blast music until it's time to go."

6. Favorite artist?

Prosise: "Right now, I've got a couple guys I listen to a lot, but I would probably say Killa J. He's a rapper I've known that I've kind of grown up with, so that's who I listen to before games."

7. Album you're listening to right now?

Prosise: "Forest Hills Drive [by J. Cole]."

8. Favorite T.V. Show?

Prosise: "Archer."

9. Favorite Video Game?

Prosise: "Call of Duty, easily."

10. Projected Madden Rating?

Prosise: "Initially? I'd give myself like an 80."

11. Favorite sport to play growing up besides football?

Prosise: "Basketball."

12. Favorite NFL team growing up?

Prosise: "Falcons."


13. Favorite non-NFL team growing up?

Prosise: "I would probably say the Lakers."

14. Kobe or LeBron?

Prosise: "Kobe."

15. Do you have any pets?

Prosise: "I have a turtle named Benji. He'll be coming to Seattle."

16. Between Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat you spend the most time on…?

Prosise: "Twitter."

17. One non-football thing Seahawks fans should know about you…?

Prosise: "I love to golf."

18. The most famous person you've ever met…?

Prosise: "Jay-Z."


19. The actor who would play you in a movie…?

Prosise: "Denzel."

20. The best football movie of all-time is…?

Prosise: "Remember The Titans."

21. If a Seahawks fan visited your hometown, the one place you would take them is…?

Prosise: "Got a couple places we could go to get some Southern food, but I'll say Neptunes, a little seafood restaurant."

22. The best advice you've ever received is…?

Prosise: "Grind harder than the next man."

23. Aside from the NFL, your dream job would be….?

Prosise: "Probably working with some kind of architecture, something like that."

24. The first thing you'll buy as an NFL player…?

Prosise: "Whatever mama wants."


Seahawks select C.J. Prosise in the third round, a running back from Notre Dame with the 90th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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