24 Questions To Help You Get To Know Seahawks Offensive Lineman Germain Ifedi

New Seahawks offensive lineman Germain Ifedi offers 12s a look at the type of person he is off the field with 24 fun facts about himself.

After trading down with the Denver Broncos from the No. 26 to No. 31 overall picks, and swooping up another third-round pick (No. 94 overall) in the process, the Seahawks selected Texas A&M offensive tackle Germain Ifedi, the first time Seattle has used its first-round draft pick since taking Bruce Irvin No. 15 overall four years ago.

Shortly after Ifedi accepted the offer from Executive VP/General Manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll to wear Seahawks blue and green next season, he took part in a light-hearted Q&A session with Seahawks.com.

Here are 24 questions and answers that should help you get to the newest Seahawk, who hails from Houston, Texas.

1. Nickname?


2. College Major?

Ifedi: "Construction Management."

3. Hobbies?

Ifedi: "I love to watch Spaceballs."

4. Athlete You Idolized Growing Up?

Ifedi: "LeBron James."

5. Favorite T.V. Show?

Ifedi: "That's a tough one, probably the old Martin sitcom."

6. Favorite Video Game?

Ifedi:"I love NBA2K and MLB The Show."


7. Projected Madden Rating?

Ifedi:"I'd say about a 78, but I like to round up. So 80."

8. Favorite NFL Team Growing Up?

Ifedi:"Houston Texans, right down the street."

9. Favorite Non-NFL Team Growing Up?

Ifedi:"Houston Astros."

10. Favorite Food?

Ifedi:"I like Greek gyros."

11. Favorite Restaurant?

Ifedi: "Pappadeaux, it's like a seafood restaurant down here in Texas."

12. Better hair: Richard Sherman or Pete Carroll?

Ifedi: "I've got to go with old Pete. He's still got hair."

13. Better artist: Drake or Kendrick Lamar?

Ifedi: "Drake."

14. Better Comedian: Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, or Dave Chappelle?

Ifedi: "Chris Rock."

15. Better Seat on an Airplane: Window or the Aisle?

Ifedi: "The first class aisle!"

16. Dog person or cat person?

Ifedi: "Dog."

17. Batman or Superman?

Ifedi: "Superman."

18. Michael Jordan or Crying Jordan?

Ifedi: "[Laughter]. I'm old school. I love Jordan without the crying meme."


19. Actor who would play you in a movie?

Ifedi: "Idris Elba."

20. Best football movie of all-time?

Ifedi: "Friday Night Lights."

21. Best NFL player at your position?

Ifedi: "Tyron Smith."

22. If you could pick one position to play besides offensive line, what would it be?

Ifedi: "Quarterback."

23. Best advice you've ever received?

Ifedi: "Stay humble. Stay grounded. Stay faithful. Stay in your faith."

24. Aside from the NFL, your dream job would be?

Ifedi: "To own my own construction company."



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