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2019 Crucial Catch Month Concludes With Game Ball Delivery From Seahawks Wide Receiver David Moore

The Seahawks, Virginia Mason, and CHI Franciscan culminate the 2019 Crucial Catch campaign with an official game ball presentation at Highline Cancer Center.


As the month of October winds down, marking the end of the NFL's Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer campaign - the Seahawks, Virginia Mason, and CHI Franciscan came together to culminate the month-long campaign with an official game ball presentation at Highline Cancer Center.

For Seahawks wide receiver David Moore, who spoke to the small crowd and presented the game balls at Highline Cancer Center, Crucial Catch month holds a special meaning to him after having one of his cousins diagnosed with breast cancer nearly eight years ago.

"She had it a little rough for a year and a half as she was fighting," said Moore as he held the game balls. "One thing I noticed about her during that time is she never lost her faith. She always had hope."

"Probably six months after that, they said she was cancer free." Moore continued about his cousin's battle with cancer. "She has been in remission ever since then. She is now thirty-five and doing pretty good."

Early cancer detection is key for people like David Moore's cousin or David Schultz, Market President for the Peninsula Region of CHI Franciscan, whose wife is now eighteen months cancer free.

"She had a very invasive form of cancer that we aren't sure they would have found 30 days prior," Schultz said. "Regardless, she was very diligent in her screening and it saved her life. That's what this [Crucial Catch campaign] is all about."

Melissa Peterson, Virginia Mason Vice President of Patient Care Services, ended the presentation by reiterating the importance of cancer screening for all.

"Just to underscore the importance of cancer detection and cancer screening to us," said Peterson. "We encourage all community members and fans to get screened."

John Pleas, Seahawks' Director of Sales, Corporate Partnership, put it best when talking about the annual Crucial Catch initiative with CHI Franciscan.

"It's a really cool partnership," Pleas began. "What it's really about is getting our fans aware of all these cancers that can be caught – hence the 'crucial catch' – if they get in and get screened early enough."

"The earlier they get screened and find this cancer, the better the success," Pleas continued. "It takes a lot of effort to get that message out and we thank you all."

As October comes to a close, marking the end of the 2019 Crucial Catch campaign, Seahawks wide receiver David Moore stopped by Highline Cancer Center to deliver a few official game balls used in the October 20th game against the Ravens. The official game balls were presented to Virginia Mason and CHI Franciscan in honor of their partnership and efforts towards the Crucial Catch campaign.

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