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12 Tips From The 12s For Seahawks Rookies

The 12s offer Seahawks rookies advice for living in Seattle.

The Seahawks added 10 new players in the 2016 NFL Draft and also signed 13 more rookie free agents who went undrafted. For those new Seahawks, this is a time of adjustment not just because they're starting their professional lives in the NFL; they're also relocating to a new city in a corner of the country many of them have never visited.

On the Seahawks Facebook page, we solicited advice for rookies who are new to the region, and hundreds of fans weighed in with tips, some of them practical, some of them humorous, and a lot of them weather related.

Here's a sampling of the advice, or 12 tips from the 12s for life in Seattle:

1. Barb Patterson: You will never appreciate a sunny day more than you do here in Seattle.

2. Jeremy Howe: If you try your best on the field, you will be loved by the 12s. If you try your best off the field, you'll be loved by the 12s

3. Jake Loewen: Be open to the food. It is diverse and there is a lot of great eats. Try the seafood!

4. Shyla Barker: Seattle is a big place with so much culture and so many things to experience. Take the time to explore. 

5. Stephanie Miller: Pronounce things correctly! Ask someone who has lived there a while how to pronounce Puyallup, Issaquah, etc. 

6. Bridget Smith: Don't complain about the rain. At least you don't have to shovel it. &Ezelise Carpenter: Don't use an umbrella, just buy yourself a good rain jacket.

7. Graeme Fox: Football is huge in Seattle, make yourself a representative of the Seahawks. Treat yourself, the team, the logo and the residents of Seattle with respect and you will earn it back.

8. Helen Hunter Haight: Stop what you are doing for 5 minutes every day and take a look at the beauty that surrounds our area 

9. Marla Reese Martin: Be prepared to sit in traffic. 

10. Robbyn Vant Handel: Learn to like coffee if you do not

11. Keith Hansen: The Pike Place Market never gets old. Just when you think you have it figured out, you'll find something new

12. Diana AngelFace: The 12s LOVE You!

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