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12 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Seahawks Wide Receiver Ricardo Lockette

How many of these off-the-field things did you know about Seahawks wideout Ricardo Lockette?

Ricardo Lockette is the type of guy who will look you straight in the eye and tell you that he is, in fact, French. He'll roll his r's and teach you how to say "Lockette" with the proper French pronunciation – in an accent that sounds suspiciously Italian – while explaining that he's not fluent in the language, but understands it.

Monsieur Lockette, are you really French?


He's not French. He's not even French-Canadian. He's from Georgia.

That's where he keeps his extensive shoe collection. Which brings us to No. 1 on our list of 12 things you (probably) don't know about the Seahawks' wide receiver:

1. He owns approximately 1,400 pairs of shoes.

Lockette: "Every year, whatever shoes I get, I box them up and I send them back to Georgia because there's no need for me to have that many shoes here. … I just like unique shoes. I like unique colors, I like different patterns. I like custom shoes."

2. He has a Pomeranian named Theo.

Lockette: "He's 13 weeks old, [I got him] right around when training camp was about to end. He just lays around with me all day, he just chills. He's kind of like my homeboy. And then when my girlfriend gets home, that's when he's super energetic. He's jumping up all over and running around and can't calm down. So I think he has two personalities."

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3. He hid his first tattoo from his parents.

Lockette: "My first one is on my stomach, [it says] Mr. Lockette. I got that one on my stomach because my parents didn't want me to get any tattoos, so that was the coolest, safest place I thought I could get a tattoo without them seeing it. I just had to keep my shirt on for a long time."

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4. He's the world's most patient football player.

Lockette: "I have the world's most patience. I'm usually the mediator, so I'm the calm one. It takes a lot to get me off my rocker. So I guess I'm comparing myself to other football players when it comes to patience. They don't have a lot, at all."

5. He does not enjoy chewy foods.

Lockette: "Squash. Anything chewy, like okra. Anything that's chewy or slimy, I don't like that. Or wet bread, like a sub sandwich from earlier today – I would not eat it."

6. He has strong feelings about red Gatorade.

Lockette: "That's the worst Gatorade ever made. You know what, we don't even have red Gatorade [at the Seahawks facility], you know why? Because they're overstocked so much and for so long. People don't drink it. It's a fact."

7. He shares the DVR with his girlfriend.

Lockette: "I watch WAGS. I also watch Couples Therapy. I watch all of this because of her. I like the crime stuff, you have to figure out who did what and why did they do it. I like The First 48, Forensic Files, Law & Order, stuff like that."

8. His nickname is Rockette.

Lockette: "Coach Carroll gave me that name when I got here. I guess he took the R from Ricardo and put it in front of Lockette. I spell it 'Rockette.'"

9. Bruce Irvin makes him laugh.

Lockette: "I just like to watch him. It's not that he's a jokester, it's how he always yells at people and this and that, and I know he's really not that mean or he's really not that serious. He's just really loud, and it's funny to me."

10. He listens to Christine Michael's music, among others.

Lockette: "I listen to CMike, No Lies [The] Mixtape in my car. If it's the end of the day, it's probably something like R&B, maybe some Drake or some J. Cole. If it's before the game, it's probably Yo Gatti or Doe B."

11. His first job was washing dishes.

Lockette: "I was a dishwasher at Ruby Tuesday. I had a good time doing it. They send this big rack of dishes, and all I do is grab it and put it in [the dishwasher]. I sit back there and talk and laugh and have a good time with everybody else."

12. His favorite app is Instagram.

Lockette: "I think people should go look at my Instagram: @ricardolockette." 

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