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12 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Seahawks Defensive Back Brandon Browner

If Brandon Browner could change one thing about himself, what would it be? Find out that any more in these things you (probably) don't know about the Seahawks defensive back.

At 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, Brandon Browner strikes an imposing figure and is known for his physical play as a hard-hitting original member of the Seahawks' Legion of Boom.

But even professional athletes aren't immune to wishful thinking when it comes to body image. If he could change one thing about himself, Browner says: "I'd get bigger calves."


The former cornerback returns to Seahawks camp after stints with the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints, and is trying on a new role here as a hybrid safety.

Before he left to go do some calf raises (presumably), Browner shared 12 things you may not know about him:

1. He enjoys true crime shows.

Browner: "I like 'The First 48.' I like crazy stuff like that. Murders happen and they say the first 48 hours is the most crucial time to get evidence. "

2. He also enjoys the Olympics.

Browner: "The 100, the 200, all the track and field events. Usain Bolt, he's awesome. I like to see him compete."

3. He sleeps with three pillows at night.

Browner: "I have one that I hold, then I put one between my legs and one under my head. The one under my head needs to be soft, the one I hold, medium, and the one I put between my legs kinda firm, like a Tempur-Pedic feel."

4. He's not a fan of raccoons.

Browner: "I'm afraid of rodents. Rats and raccoons, and stuff like that. They freak me out."

5. What's on his bucket list?

Browner: "Getting in one of these planes with Jimmy Graham and getting tossed around."

6. If he wasn't playing football, he'd be playing baseball.

Browner: "I'd probably play centerfield or shortstop. I played up until high school. My brother was drafted by the Mariners, but he gave it up after three years."


7. His favorite sport to watch (other than football) is basketball.

Browner: "Playoff basketball. Kobe was my guy, and right now it's Steph Curry or maybe LeBron James."

We was in that thang 4 13 16. #mambaday

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8. He likes his pizza kind of weird.

Browner: "I like pineapple and pepperoni [yes, at the same time]. I'm kind of weird like that."

9. He's a dog person.

Browner: "We have an English bulldog. He's a lazy dog, you don't have to worry about him doing too much, getting into anything or chewing anything."

Newest member to the family... He doesn't have a name yet, any ideas?

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10. He's not good at singing.

Browner: "I sound good in the shower, though. … I'm an R&B type of guy. Brian McKnight or any one of those."

11. He spent his birthday (August 2) studying.

Browner: "I promised myself I was going to be better at my playbook, so I try to study as much as I can."

12. While he was away from Seattle, he missed the lake.

Browner: "We practice on a lake, man. The scenery, it's green here. There's wonderful people here … nice people in this city."

12b. But he didn't miss the weather.

Browner: "That's what I didn't miss. I didn't want to lie and say I missed that."

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