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12 Things To Know About Seahawks Wide Receiver David Moore

Get to know wide receiver David Moore, who the Seahawks selected with the No. 210 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

As the 2017 NFL Draft was winding down and David Moore had yet to hear his name called, the East Central University (Okla.) receiver started to turn his attention toward undrafted free agency, hoping to get a shot at an NFL roster after the selection process was over.

"There was nothing wrong with that," said Moore. "I was just trying to get to a camp, honestly."

But with the draft's No. 210 overall pick, the Seattle Seahawks came calling, and Moore referred to it as "like a dream come true."

"I talked to Seattle a lot," Moore said of what contact he had with the Seahawks prior to the draft. "They were one of the first teams to come and scout me, in my senior year. From the beginning, [Seahawks midlands area scout Aaron Hineline] told me, 'you're going to be a Seahawk.' At first I thought this sounds good, but he kept talking to me and ended up working out in Oklahoma City, and saw him quite a few times. He just kept telling me I was going to be a Seahawk."

The 6-foot, 219-pound Moore recorded 57 grabs for 878 yards and 10 touchdowns his senior season a year after setting a school record with 13 touchdowns and 1,079 yards receiving. He represents one of two wideouts Seattle took in this year's draft to go along with Michigan receiver Amara Darboh.   

"A hard working player, a player that loves to win, wants to win," Moore added when asked to describe himself as a player. "A real competitor. I love to compete."

Here's 12 more things to know about Moore, the Seahawks' second-to-last selection in the 2017 draft:

1. Nickname?


2. College Major?


3. Hobbies?

Moore:"I like play basketball and golf a little bit, fish and do all that kind of country stuff a little bit."

4. Athlete You Idolized Growing Up?

Moore:"Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. Big Cowboys fan. My family, that's what I grew into. Came out the womb a Cowboys fan."

5. Role Model You Had Growing Up?

Moore: "It'd probably be my mom. She literally did everything for me, man. Like everything. She took care of me, anything I wanted she got it, if I didn't need it, she would do it. When I was sick she was there. Like literally just everything. She'd bend over backwards for me."

6. Favorite T.V. Show?

Moore: "It'd probably be It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia."

7. Favorite Movie?

Moore: "One of them would probably be 8 Seconds."

8. Favorite Video Game?

Moore: "Probably [NBA] 2K, or Madden."

9. Favorite Food?


10. City or Country You'd Like To Visit One Day?

Moore:"It'd probably be Brazil."

11. Aside From The NFL Your Dream Job Would Be?

Moore:"To coach football, or sports just in general. Football, basketball, track."

12. Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Moore:"When things aren't going my way, look to the Lord and pray."


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