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12 Things To Know About Seahawks Safety Delano Hill

Get to know Seahawks safety Delano Hill, who the Seahawks selected No. 95 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft.

A few things came to Delano Hill's mind when he was asked why he wanted the Seahawks to be one of the teams that came calling during the 2017 NFL Draft.

"Because of the fans, the winning tradition," said Hill, a safety out of Michigan who Seattle selected No. 95 overall. "The fans are crazy, the 12s are crazy. I want to play in an atmosphere like that, I love that atmosphere. It reminds me of Michigan."

The 6-foot, 216-pound Hill, who finished his Wolverines career with 119 tackles, seven tackles for loss, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, three interceptions and eight pass breakups, joins an experienced and tight-knit Seattle secondary that added a few new faces in the draft. According to head coach Pete Carroll, Hill has what it takes to play both safety spots and also has the ability to cover receivers in the slot, which could make him an option at the nickel cornerback position.

"We know he can play safety," Carroll said. "He's played a lot and he's very physical. He's just right in the right framework of our style that we love to see. Tough and also, he's played on the slot a lot, so he's played kind of the nickel position quite a bit, which has shown the ability to cover receivers, which is good."

Here's 12 more things to know about the Seahawks' third-round pick:

1. Nickname?

Hill:"Everybody calls me Lano (pronounced 'lane-o'), or D-lane. They call me both.

2. College Major? 

Hill:"General Studies."

3. Hobbies?

Hill:"It's kind of weird, but I only play shooting games on Xbox. I don't play sports games. Right now I play Siege, Rainbow Six Siege. No sports games."

4. Athlete You Idolized Growing Up?

Hill:"Michael Vick. That's a legend. Everybody wanted to be Vick when they were a kid."

5. Role Model Growing Up?

Hill: "My coaches, my father, they all guided me the right way. That's who I believed in. That's who I trusted. All of my coaches from little league, high school, college."

6. Favorite Movie?

Hill: "All About The Benjamins."

7. Favorite Non-NFL Team Growing Up?

Hill: "The [Detroit] Pistons. They were crazy when I was growing up. I was a Pistons fan all the way."

8. Favorite Food?

Hill: "Salmon. I love it. That's my favorite food."

9. Favorite Book?

Hill: "I'm reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X right now."

10. Three Things You'd Want With You On A Deserted Island?

Hill:"I need another person, I need a boatload of money, and I need water, because you've got to survive on water. You've got to have water."

11. Aside From The NFL, Your Dream Job Would Be?

Hill:"I'd want to open up my own business. Do my own thing. I don't know what it'd be, but I'd open up something."

12. Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Hill:"Just be yourself. Be yourself because you can't be anybody else."


Photos of new Seahawks safety Delano Hill from Michigan.

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