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12 Things To Know About Seahawks Offensive Lineman Ethan Pocic

Get to know offensive lineman Ethan Pocic, who the Seahawks selected with their second pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

As a Lemont, Illinois native, Ethan Pocic is very much a fan of most things Chicago, which is located less than 30 miles from the LSU product's hometown.

Ask Pocic, the offensive lineman who Seattle selected with the No. 58 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, about his favorite food and he'll quickly rattle off a specific menu item from one of Chicago's restaurant staples.

"Portillo's beef-n-cheddar croissant," he says.

Ask him to pick between Kobe or LeBron and he'll ad-lib in a Chicago sports legend of his own.

"Michael Jordan," he says.

But when it comes to the NFL, Pocic can't claim any ties to Chicago's team despite growing up in the heart of Bears country. Instead, Pocic says, "I was a big Illinois fan growing up because my brother played for them. Not really a big NFL guy. Every weekend I was at Illinois games watching my brother."

There was one NFL athlete, however, that Pocic says he idolized growing up, and that player belonged to the Bears' division rival Green Bay Packers.

"I'm from Chicago, but I really liked Brett Favre," Pocic says. "I thought he was tough as nails. I just have have respect for Brett Favre."

On top of all those personal details, here's 12 more things you probably didn't know about the Seahawks' second-round pick:

1. Nickname?

Pocic: "Everyone really just refers to me as Pocic."

2. College Major?

Pocic:"Sports Administration."

3. Hobbies?

Pocic: "I'm a big fisherman. I love to fish. I know you all catch a lot of salmon out there in Seattle I believe. My mom's side of my family has a place in Wisconsin where we go fishing. I like it simple, just going fishing and going out there and hanging out."

4. Role Model Growing Up?

Pocic: "I'd say my brother and dad. My dad was a firefighter in Berwyn and my brother he played ball. They really just showed me hard work and how to carry myself, how they get up every day and go to work."

5. Favorite T.V. Show?

Pocic:"The Simpsons."

6. Favorite Movie?

Pocic:"Step Brothers."

7. Favorite Superhero?

Pocic:"Batman, because he's just like a normal dude."

8. Actor Who Would Play You In A Movie?

Pocic:"Vince Vaughn."

9. Best NFL Offensive Lineman Right Now?

Pocic:"Tyron Smith."

10. City or Country You Want To Visit Most?


11. Aside From The NFL, Your Dream Job Would Be?

Pocic: "Probably being a strength coach at a big-time college. But I've always wanted to play in the League, really. First my dream was to win a National Championship then play in the League. I felt like you've got to do one before the other."

12. Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Pocic: "I've seen a lot of leadership through example just with my family in general. They really taught me how to work hard. I think that's the best advice I've ever had, is being around that."


Photos of the Seahawks' second draft selection of 2017, offensive lineman Ethan Pocic from LSU.

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