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12 Questions From The 12s For Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

We asked fans what they wanted to know about receiver Tyler Lockett.

We asked fans what they wanted to know about Tyler Lockett. See some of his responses below to get to know the Seahawks wide receiver a little better.


Tyler:  "Movie: Love Don't Cost a Thing, TV series: I like Shameless because it's just funny. I really enjoy it. But I think the most beautiful thing is that they make the struggle look beautiful.  I think that is the thing I like about that.  And, it's kind of hard to figure out why I like Power.  I think it's just one of those series in which you try and guess what's next and you never know what is going to happen because they don't do the obvious."


Tyler: "I felt juiced. I had already had a punt return and a kickoff return so who would have ever thought that those would be the first two that I scored that counted.  But I think the first one I really scored on offensive was against the 49ers."


Tyler: "It would be perfect because then I could go more places and I wouldn't have to worry about people asking for pictures or just asking for me to do certain things. I could be normal again."


Tyler: "I think it was short.  In college, I wasn't so worried about the NFL because you want to enjoy your college experience. I just took one game at a time and once I finally got to go to the NFL it was cool.  But for the most part I enjoyed college until I finally got here."


Tyler: "I was more so just happy. I was more amazed than anything. My friends and everybody thought I was going to cry, but I didn't. It was just a feeling like 'I'm about to be a Seahawk! Like, really?' Plus they didn't call my phone. They called my mom's phone, so I still never got a call that said I was on with the Seahawks. It was my mom."


Tyler: "I prepare the same way every week. I just come here and go to work.  When you are at work, you go all in. When you are not at work, you just kind of relax and try to get away from it.  If you need to watch film, you watch film. Do whatever you need to do to make sure that you are going to be comfortable when you go play."


Tyler:"That is hard to say because everybody is a leader in their own way.  I would say Kam [Chancellor].  It's hard because one of the leaders who doesn't say much is Bobby [Wagner] and sometimes saying little is saying enough."


Tyler: "I feel pretty good. When you have been doing something going on your third year, not saying it's a lot easier but you know what to expect.  You are able to handle it a lot easier.  Obviously, when you come in, they talk about rookie walls or just when you haven't expected it, you never know.  Everything seems so long but once you are used to it and you are adjusted to it, you just start enjoying it and it's like a real job."


Tyler:"If I wasn't playing for the greatest team ever, I would probably try and be a coach or do something with that just to stay around the game.   If that didn't happen, probably go try and work at Adidas or something."


Tyler: "It feels great. Obviously I was in the hospital, on crutches, having to take all those medicines and everything and it was a time when you look back and you learn a lot. You want to be able to appreciate everything that you do have. But now, finally having the ability to come back out here and play, it feels great. Being able to be around the team because you miss that type of stuff.  You know, watching the team play is different from being able to play with the team."


Tyler:"I think it was my faith. I think my faith and family motivated me to go back because every time that I got hurt I know that it still worked out pretty good and I always came back stronger. So I believe that I was going to be a lot stronger coming back and regardless of what was going to happen, I know that at the end of the day, it was going to work out for my good so I had a great support system that helped me along the way and allowed me to be able to get to where I am today."


Tyler: "I think that is only something the fans can answer."

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